We are about craft. About style. And about function. We believe that anything worth doing is worth doing with the best of what’s available. We believe anything out there can be made better, including our stuff. We’re obsessive and driven. It shows in how we build our bikes, how we ride, and how we make these clothes.

We are about craft.
About style.
About function.


We are fabric geeks afflicted with textile OCD. Our wool is sustainably sourced from Australia and New Zealand, and delivers the highest breathability and moisture regulation performance that we could find. On the other side of the world in Switzerland, our friends at Schoeller share our passion for fabric design and manufacture, providing us with technical fabrics that expand on what is possible in terms of water repellency, durability, and fit.

But our obsession is hardly limited to just the fabric. Even the snaps, zippers, and reflective piping used on our garments are the very best we could find. And it all gets put together by our manufacturing partner, Tamoda, in British Columbia. Hopefully, you detect a theme. Being obsessive takes exhaustive commitment. Ultimately, we aim to make garments that perform at such a high level, you won’t want to wear anything else.

The Founders

The company’s foundation comes from our passions.  We love apparel.  Whether it is the fine construction and elegant detailing of a beautiful suit or intricate bonding and seam forming on a technical jacket, we’re complete nerds for this stuff.  And we love mountain biking. The feel of aggressive knobs biting into the earth. The rhythm of the climb as you warm up. That euphoric rush after nailing a descent you know like the back of your hand… All of this is our inspiration. It’s why we enjoy the trail.

Zander Nosler grew up in the Bay Area, but spent a lot of time in Seattle, where it rains a lot, and where they take their coffee seriously. Zander likes to climb and ride flowy single-track. He also likes skinnies, tables, and pump tracks. And downhill. And trials. He has a very low body fat percentage, and is currently trying to learn how to get bigger air without breaking any bones.

Charlie Cronk grew up in Madison, Wisconsin as a hockey-playing, skateboarding, Raleigh Chopper-riding youth, but left his hometown to pursue life and love in the West.  After several years of heading up design at Levi’s he leapt at the chance to combine work with his true passion: cycling. Now he combines a lifelong admiration of fine tailored suits with a mountain biker’s appreciation for the ultimate function in minimal design.

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