We are about craft. About style. And about function. We believe that anything worth doing is worth doing with the best of what’s available. We believe anything out there can be made better, including our apparel. We’re obsessive and driven. It shows in how we build our bikes, how we ride, and how we make these clothes.

We are about craft.
About style.
About function.


We are fabric geeks afflicted with textile OCD. We look for the very best material for a particular application, from our sustainably-sourced merino wool from Australia and New Zealand, to Pendleton’s legendarily tough and beautiful wool from Washougal, WA, to the mad-scientists at Polartec and Schoeller for next level performance synthetics and hybrids. Whatever the source, our partners share our passion for fabric design and manufacture, providing us with technical fabrics that expand on what is possible in terms of thermal regulation, weather protection, durability, and comfort.

But our obsession is hardly limited to just the fabric. The snaps, zippers, and reflective piping used on our garments are the very best we could find. The very stitches and threads themselves are scrutinized too! It all gets put together by our manufacturing partners across the globe, including our own home-grown facility right here in Petaluma, California.

After all that we couldn’t let you go out there looking shabby, right? We look to mountain biking’s diverse and storied heritage to inform the style and look of our clothes. Who says performance has to come at the cost of style?

Hopefully, you detect a theme. Being obsessive takes exhaustive commitment. Commitment to find the best solution to a given problem, wherever that takes you. Ultimately, we aim to make garments that perform at such a high level, you won’t want to wear anything else.


The company’s foundation comes from our passions. We love apparel. Whether it is the fine construction and elegant detailing of a beautiful suit or intricate bonding and seam forming on a technical jacket, we’re complete nerds for this stuff. And we love mountain biking. The rhythm of the climb as you warm up. That euphoric rush after nailing a descent you know like the back of your hand… All of this is our inspiration. It’s why we enjoy the trail.

In 2011, after 25 years of dissatisfaction with spandex and floppy, baggy, snaggy (quite often, ugly) and poorly constructed mountain biking apparel, Zander Nosler decided to do something about it. In January of 2012, he formed Kitsbow with a team of seasoned apparel veterans and cycling obsessives. And the rest is history.

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