Our Guarantee


Yes, of course there’s an asterisk that delineates the outcome, not the cost of entry. But our guarantee really is that simple. Try our kit, and if you don’t like it, send it back for a complete refund (shipping included) — ultimately at absolutely no cost to you.

We’ve been riding long enough to be well aware of what it’s like to take new gear to the trail, especially with the burden of high expectations. But we believe your expectations shouldn’t be any different. Your purchasing, testing, and decision-making processes should all be a collectively risk-free experience. All we ask is that if you’ve really tested our product, please wash it before sending it back. No one wants to open a box of muddy shorts.

And beyond 30 days, if for some reason your Kitsbow product stops living up to your expectations, simply tell us why and send it in. We’ll repair or replace it for free. Crash damage or normal wear and tear will be repaired or replaced for a reasonable charge. See our Shipping and Returns page for more information.