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    The People’s Champ

        One of the first things you’ll notice about Sam Schultz is his easygoing, cheerful demeanor. A laid-back manner and easy smile is not what you’d expect from a battle-hardened, race-bred, cross-country speed machine who has been competing at the highest levels for his entire adult life This is a man who was selected for the UCI World Championships for nine years in a row, won the 2012 XC National Championships, and represented the United States in the Olympics that same year. But Sam’s soft-spoken disposition seems more golden retriever than greyhound. He’s precisely the type of rider we […]
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    May 24, 2016

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    Winning + the Tour of California

    Photo Credit: Dylan VanWeelden (@dylanvanweelden)   We get so excited this time of year. Trails are primed, summer trips are planned, and the racing season is just heating up. We want to share in that excitement with all of you. We are particularly thrilled to stoke out one lucky Obsessive, who is about to receive the most extravagant prize package we could conjure (with a lot of help from our generous co-sponsors). Without further ado, we can finally announce our winner of the Roadventure Giveaway. Drumroll please.   The winner is Portland’s own freewheelin’ kiwi, Aaron Tuckerman. We didn’t know […]
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    May 21, 2016

  • The Loop and a burned out Livingston Range. Photo: @jeremiahjmartin

    Escape Through the Window: A Glacier Roadventure

    By Pete Thomas (@ptor) The Loop and a burned out Livingston Range. Photo Credit: @jeremiahjmartin Living in the mountains of Whitefish, Montana, I’m a bit spoiled. I admit it. We enjoy our snowy winters with great skiing, but when spring comes around, the soul naturally turns to the sun to recharge. As the snow melts, a smorgasbord of epic rides is exposed, one by one. In nearby Glacier National Park, a burly fleet of snowplows accelerates this process as they make their way up the legendary Going-to-the-Sun Road to prepare for the summer tourist season. Pushing toward the Continental Divide at Logan Pass, […]
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    May 17, 2016

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    Ride Fast, Look Faster

      Marshall Eames is notorious for rocking the brightest kit on the trails. When you’re as fast as Marsh, you get a pass to wear pretty much whatever you want. The man doesn’t really do subtlety, nor does he go slow. He is a trail assassin, guiding that Kalimotxo-colored trail weapon with deadly accuracy. We recently managed to catch #EnduroJesus in action, keeping it fully pinned but precise in our classic Ride Tee in a new hi-viz colorway that looks quick no matter who’s wearing it.   

    May 5, 2016

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    From the Trails to the Table

    Photo credits: Elliot Wilkinson-Ray   Our water situation was dire, which is never good when you’re 28 miles into a 45 mile day in Southeastern Arizona, and temps have been in the mid to high 80s. To make matters worse, Noah and I were staring at two barking dogs. Granted they were “only” Australian Shepherds, but that didn’t mean their teeth were any less sharp than a Rottweiler’s. I casually stalled my gait a bit to let Noah go first, the sacrificial lamb of sorts (sorry Noah), but he went all Crocodile Dundee and dog whispered those Shepherds into submission. […]
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    May 3, 2016

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    Obsessive Trailbuilding Tools

      It’s trailbuilding time! We originally posted this Journal entry last year to familiarize our fellow Obsessives with a few essential tools for trail work. We proudly present it again now that the mountain bike season is here (not that we ever really stopped). Great rides always start with great trails, and great trails always start with having the right tool for the job. Right now is a great time to support your local trails organization with a donation. Whether you donate money or sweat is up to you. We think that spending a day doing trail maintenance can be […]
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    April 28, 2016

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    The Good Life

    We can’t deny that we have it pretty good here in California. From our climate to our cuisine, we love to partake in and promote the myriad wonders that make the Golden State a destination for cyclists from all over the globe. Every spring we get a chance to show the rest of the cycling industry why we love California. Sea Otter, the largest consumer cycling expo in the US, takes place just 150 miles south of Kitsbow HQ in the picturesque coastal city of Monterey. The annual Sea Otter Classic started in 1991 as a cross country race. Since then it’s […]
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    April 26, 2016

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    Kitsbow Seen In Barcelona

    At Kitsbow, we love seeing our apparel worn by hard-working and hard-riding cyclists around the world. Recently, John Watson (the Radavist) posted some great shots featuring Ken Bloomer of Crema Cycles, Mattia Paganotti of Legor Cicli and their crew savoring a golden afternoon on some rocky trails and fireroads in beautiful Barcelona. These guys (and one cute cat) seem to be living the good life on the warm shores of the Mediterranean.   Hat tip to John Watson for beautiful images! For the full story, check out the Radavist. 

    April 12, 2016

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    Savor, Don’t Suffer

      It’s no secret that dirt runs in our veins at Kitsbow. We began as an apparel company for mountain bikers, made by cyclists. We love the romance of the outdoors, the allure of perfectly cut singletrack, the solitude, the moments of zen on a challenging technical climb, the adrenaline high of letting it all hang out on a fall line descent. This is the origin of the species, the DNA from which Kitsbow was born.      In the past few years we’ve been hearing buzzwords in the road cycling world like adventure, gravel, endurance, all road, and so […]
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    March 31, 2016


    Roadventure to NAHBS

    For this installment of the Kitsbow Journal, we’re proud to introduce a new voice: Nicholas Haig-Arack (AKA @nicholasmha). He is a man who wears many hats, most of which are bike helmets. Self-appointed Great Chieftan of SCUMB, a “BBQ gang with a mountain biking problem,” he calls Sonoma County home, although his feet rarely touch the ground – he lets his wheels do the walking. When Nick told us he was planning on riding to NAHBS, we thought, “sounds like a roadventure!” and are excited to share the tale. “Each thing in its way, when true to its own character, […]
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    March 4, 2016