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    Zander Nosler, Founder of Kitsbow Mountain Bike Wear shares his unique perspective on quality and products standing the test of time. There are a few products in my life (mostly in the #EveryDayCarry genre) that have just gotten better with age. My iPhone, my pocket knife, and my denim. Yeah, that’s right, my iphone. I’m pretty careful with that ridiculously useful piece of tech, but I don’t put it in a case, either. And the iPhone 5 is the first iPhone that took a patina of use with some grace. For that reason, it’s my favorite iPhone they’ve designed. Minor […]
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    January 15, 2015

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    Kitsbow Mountain Bike Apparel’s Join The #Obsessives Giveaway

    Join the #ObsessivesGiveaway   At Kitsbow mountain bike apparel, we obsess over all things bike, great design, innovation, and of course the ride.  Enter a photo of what makes you an obsessive… the perfect load out, the conquered climb, your workshop, your morning coffee. Tag @Kitsbow and use #ObsessivesGiveaway to enter. You may be rewarded with Obsessive gear worth over $1,200 which includes the NEW low-pressure pump from SILCA.      

    December 1, 2014

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    History of Cycling Clothing

    When the “safety bicycle” turned up replacing the big wheelers of the 1800’s, cycling became accessible for the first time. And before long, people were racing. Athletic competition often drives innovation and at the dawn of cycling as a competitive sport, most cycling clothing was wool. It was scratchy, and when it got soaked it fit like a saggy sack, but was faster drying and more comfortable than cotton nevertherless. The first big evolution occurred when Armando Castelli, Italian tailor turned clothing manufacturer, introduced silk jerseys in the 40’s. Castelli was primarily making a functional improvement to help racers go […]
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    November 14, 2014

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    Across The Great Divide

    Guest Blogger, Matt McLoone, shares about his 2,765 mile mountain bike adventure down the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route with Brett Ziegler’s, which put their Kitsbow gear through the test. – – Ever since we met in photo school over 8 years ago, we have talked about an epic adventure. Having the idea in the back of our heads for so long, we finally just had to get out and do it. So on August 19, we arrived in Banff, Canada, and set about putting our bikes together and gathering last minute supplies. That day we would embark on our grand […]
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    November 7, 2014

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    Welcoming new Obsessive Ava Frances

    One of the reasons we got into making mountain biking apparel is because of great experiences with products we really love and companies that were doing things right. Those moments are inspiring. Our goals for Kitsbow come from wanting to create those kinds of experiences. So, when we received this letter from our customer, Andy, it really made our hearts sing. This is one of those letters that fuels us ever onward. Read Andy’s letter below. ————————       Kitsbow Team: As a relatively new business, I’m sure you wonder what impact your work has on your customers. I […]
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    November 3, 2014

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    The Photographer

      Obsessions run deep and can be pervasive. And in our line of work a lot comes down to presentation, so we definitely obsess about photography. We appreciate how high quality shots can accentuate the beauty of the ride, capture the emotion of the moment, and show off the fruit of our labor. It’s funny how things can come together, and in our pursuit for the best visual representation of Kitsbow we were juggling the usual factors: photographer, location and subjects. Suddenly we thought, “picturesque place to ride, home of a great outdoor photographer, willing riders…. Wait – that’s Park […]
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    October 30, 2014

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    As the new new-media man at Kitsbow, I felt it was my moral obligation to take the Kitsbow van on an “Adventure”. What better excuse to visit my brother in Bend, Oregon, where we could tame the single track, ride the lifts, and shoot some photos…all while calling it work! Bend is a small, clean, neatly landscaped utopia for outdoor-folk, nestled along the Deschutes river in the middle of Central Oregon. The breathtaking beauty and huge range of world-renowned outdoor activities attract a diverse population from pro athletes to outdoor aficionados. Whether scraping by or living large, all are in […]
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    September 19, 2014

  • Kitsbow footage from Downieville Classic

    2014 Downieville Classic

    ‘Racers sink into the river, letting their tired legs relax as the dust washes away. Small moats and rocks are situated strategically to nestle cold beers in the shallow water. Locals sit on a bench in front of the drug store with cardboard boxes half-full of Busch cans. The heat is intense, so bright and strong that dust settles around sunglasses and goggles and then runs in muddy lines down cheeks and settles at the corners of riders’ mouths. In the evening riders gather around camp fires swapping stories, tales of dangerous rocks and fabled drops that have ended even […]
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    August 18, 2014

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    Trail Expressions: Mountain Biking in Sedona, Arizona

    Trail Expressions looks at the places and locations where obsessives answer the call; It’s from the office. It’s far away. It’s conveniently stationed near a brewery. Find your next ride and a new place to express yourself here.  Smack dab in the middle of the Coconino National Forest, Sedona, Arizona is surrounded by countless miles of powerful singletrack featuring some of the most beautiful and unique scenery in the world. Weeks worth of mountain bike-bucket list rides including the famous Hangover Trail are enough to keep you happily stuck in the “vortex” exploring. RELATED: Sedona’s desert heat can be tempered with the A/M Ventilated […]
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  • Kitsbow Men's A/M Ventilation Jersey

    Threads: Meet Our Partner Schoeller Technologies

    Kitsbow is built on passion, innovation, and a driving desire to reshape the mundane. We choose partners who carve out similar goals, ones who redefine the apparel landscape and who, in our partnership, help us craft the tools for long rides, short rides, and in general, any occasion to see the world by bike. We sweat, and we also sweat the details, because we believe in a job well done. Schoeller of Switzerland shares our passion for craft and quality in textile design, providing us a platform to build better products for nature’s most challenging moments. Take for instance Schoeller’s coldblack, used on our […]
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