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    Taking Care Of The Important Places

      As we move into the colder months, the Kitsbow crew has been reflecting on the good times we’ve had this riding season. The joy, the camaraderie, the outstanding dirt, the desert, the mountains, the beer. With that, we remember what makes it all possible. The trails we ride take us through these extraordinary journeys. Without access to them, we stick to the road. Kitsbow Ambassador, Pete Thomas, recently shared some photos of riding along northwest Montana’s Whitefish Divide. The ridge ride, connecting Werner Peak to Red Meadow via the Ralph Thayer Memorial Trail, is a serene piece of singletrack […]
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    October 18, 2016

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    I Left My Heart in Moab: The Slickrock Social

    “One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.” William Shakespeare   There are rare moments in life when we find ourselves in the company of a group of total strangers who are cut from the same cloth. Last week in Moab, a group of #obsessives gathered for an unforgettable weekend of extraordinary sandstone singletrack, meatballs, Mag 7, pumptracks and pinot noir, at the first-ever Kitsbow Slickrock Social. A kinship was forged in the red desert.   Many of the Kitsbow Ambassadors, hailing from different corners of the country, had never met before. Bear and Leg, the winners of the […]
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    October 11, 2016

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    Rocky Mountain Opus

    A tooth-aching crispness fills the air as the high alpine vegetation glistens in the light of a new season. Change is apparent in Colorado. Transformation percolates from every pore of the landscape. Despite the inevitability of the seasonal shift, it always comes as a bit of a surprise. The days become shorter, the mornings cooler and calmer, and the beautiful high country trails slowly become covered, first in leaves, then, eventually, snow. When this shift begins to happen, the clock is ticking, though the schedule seems to be more packed than ever. It’s time for a fall adventure.   We […]
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    September 26, 2016

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    Rangers. Blackburn Rangers.

        Every year, Blackburn Designs sends a select group of ambassadors out into the wild to ride across the country performing what we think is an #obsessive and ultimate product test while satisfying the search for adventure. These brave folks  known as Rangers go through a pretty detailed process to apply by submitting an application, video and launch a social media campaign to rally their friends behind their adventure-quest. This year, Kitsbow was honored to help support these passionate people and add to the quality gear they are provided in their rides across the country. We receive updates from […]
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    September 20, 2016

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    Adventure IS Out There – Pete Thomas

      Although we often romanticize exotic trails in distant locales, the best adventures are often found right outside the back door. This is especially true for Kitsbow Ambassador Pete Thomas, who hails from the recreation wonderland of Whitefish, Montana.   “It’s a good day. A spur-of-the-moment opportunity to go ride just came out of the blue. But with all the two-wheeled options, choice paralysis has got the best of me. Clock ticking and head spinning, my brain starts to process tire widths, air pressure, tackiness of the dirt, available buddies, overall mood, etc., like a math problem. I force myself […]
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    September 15, 2016

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    The Insider Series – The ‘Swamp’ Science of Developing Product

      Product planning is kind of part science, part keeping your eyes open. It doesn’t always happen the same way… Sometimes, a new product need is so obvious, it’s hardly worth committing the idea to a formal brief.   Such was the case with our first product, the SSAM Short. We knew what we wanted it to be, how we wanted it to fit – we wanted it ourselves. Other times, you’ve got data and feedback that clearly tell you the product should be blue, slightly larger, $134.99, and available in 6 sizes. But other times, a new product idea […]
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    September 12, 2016

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    Road to Recovery – Sam Schultz

    Sam Schultz – Olympian, XC National Champion, and Kitsbow Ambassador – has been busy since we last caught up with him. We checked in with him this week just before he hit the road for an epic trip into the gravel covered roads of Alaska. Here’s the update we received from the Missoula-based outdoorsman.   “Here’s some advice: don’t tear your ACL while backcountry skiing in the Bitterroot Mountains. I learned that lesson the hard way last winter. An unseen wind lip had put me in the back seat, slightly twisting, and when I tried to pull myself out of […]
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    August 29, 2016

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    Obsessively Stinner

    We at Kitsbow get to work and ride with a lot of incredible gear and sometimes we can’t help but share with our fellow #obsessives. Meet Stinner Frameworks.   Stinner Frameworks is a Santa Barbara-based bicycle fabrication house that has been getting some well-deserved attention in recent years. Whether they’re crafted from steel or titanium, nimble road racing machines or knobby-tired, slack-angled bruisers, every Stinner bicycle is made to precise standards and their fine quality is immediately apparent. Every detail has been considered, from fit to finish, and every step of the process – design, machining, welding, paint, assembly – is executed by […]
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    August 22, 2016

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    One More Road Trip

    Summer won’t last forever, so make the most of it while you still can. Check out how Kitsbow Vanbassadors Lani and Jordan are squeezing every last drop out of their summertime on the road.   @kitsbow @kitsbow.venture

    August 16, 2016

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    Confessions of a Downieville Veteran

    With the Downieville Classic only days away, the small town of Downieville, nestled in the heart of California’s Sierra County is preparing for the masses. Whether or not your quest for the hot and crazy has already begun with packing and pre-rides, we thought it fitting to get Yuri’s perspective on what the fun-fest has meant to him over the years and how he’s been prepping for the epic event.     Confessions of a Downieville Veteran – Yuri Hauswald   I have a confession to make. I went well over five months without touching my mountain bike, geared or […]
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    July 29, 2016