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    Springtime Ramblin’

    Words: Jordan Carr Images: JP Gendron, Bill Freeman and Abner Knight As the season gradually picks up momentum and works it’s way into full swing, life on the road is once again our reality. With the annual Sea Otter event attracting industry folks from all over the country and globe, it’s a great way to get some face time with friends, partners, and other industry road warriors.  We decided to make the most of our time in CA and do a three-day coastal ride from Santa Rosa down to Monterey for Sea Otter. Despite some wet weather, it was an […]
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    May 26, 2017

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    Fiber to Farm: Mountain Biking the Cashmere Trail in Nepal

    Corinne Prevot, founder and owner of Skida, a headwear company known for its fresh and vibrant prints, invited friends Katy Kirkpatrick and Lani Bruntz to join her cashmere pilgrimage to Nepal with mountain bikes. From the factory visits in Kathmandu to the search for Chyangra goats in the Mustang Region of the Himalayas, they traced an age-old cashmere supply chain on two wheels. It’s hard to define one single motivator for this assembly of friends to courageously ride around Nepal’s vast landscapes and Kathmandu’s bustling streets.  But oddly enough, the main inspiration behind this rugged and remote adventure was cashmere. […]
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    April 26, 2017

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    Dirty Kanza Gravel Camp

    Kitsbow Ambassador Yuri Hauswald is a professional endurance racer who gets to travel the world by bike. Here’s what Yuri’s been up to recently. “This one time, at gravel camp, I spent three days riding with forty folks from all over the country in the windswept Flint Hills which surround Emporia, Kansas, the launch pad for the Dirty Kanza gravel camp and the home of the Dirty Kanza 200, arguably the hardest gravel race in the world. There are no National Parks in Kansas, there’s no BLM land, the paved roads rarely have safe shoulders to ride on and there […]
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    April 20, 2017

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    A Night is All You Need

      Adventure comes in an array of shapes and sizes, from extensive multi-day trips through remote landscapes to short jaunts in your own backyard. Sometimes all it takes is one night under the stars to hit your reset button. Getting out there on an overnighter elevates the monotony of the everyday to a new level of excitement, unfamiliarity and exploration. We found a great opportunity during the Spring Outerbike festival in Moab to wrangle some friends, pack up some overnight gear and get out on a micro-adventure in a beautiful landscape. After a full day of hustling at the event, […]
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    April 12, 2017

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    Spring Roll on Fresh Trails

    Spring is a time of revitalization, when fresh greenery emerges from the fertile ground and all of Earth’s creatures head outside to play in the sunshine. For the mountain biker, spring is all about fresh trails and brown pow. For the mountain bike trailbuilder, it’s the time to put the finishing touches on winter’s hard work so everyone can enjoy the fruits of their labor. We asked a few of our favorite trailbuilders to let us know what fresh trails they’re excited about. Tyson Swasey, Trails Specialist, IMBA Trails Solutions: Being on Interstate 15, within the “Zion Triangle” (Thunder Mountain, […]
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    April 6, 2017

  • Curtis Inglis' 29+ Retrotec Hardtail

    Sedona to Moab: NAHBS the Hard Way

      I shot over Tehachapi toward the red Mecca, stopping first in Bakersfield to camp lakeside in my fully loaded Element. The next day I drove endlessly, listening only to Jonathan Richman and Dan Deacon, and ended up in Kingman, AZ, late afternoon, just in time to unload the Retrotec for a quick loop in the rich desert landscape of the Cerbat Foothills. Spindly, squat, sculptural, looming – a wide variety of cacti thrived in that rocky, contradictory environment. The stop was well worth it.   I arrived in Sedona after sundown and met up with the Kitsbow crew, then […]
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    March 18, 2017

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    Desert Trail – Sam Schultz

    With spring right around the corner and my migration back to Montana coming up quick, it seems like a good time to reflect upon one of the best days on the bike this winter. I have been lucky enough to spend the last couple months working in Tucson, AZ as a ride guide for a great company called The Cycling House. I have been working on and off for them for the past 10 years now, and to say I’m proud of what my good buddy Owen has built would be the hugest understatement. The Cycling House is a full-service […]
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    March 16, 2017

  • Verve Coffee

    Verve Coffee Roasters: Obsessive about the Bean

    Verve came to be through the serendipitous union of surf, sweat and a love of life and living. Founders Ryan O’Donovan and Colby Barr first crossed paths as Chico College students. As they grew to know each other, they found their passions paralleled as they bonded over playing music, sharing an unusual obsession of architecture, and drinking coffee. These traits became essential in transforming life as they knew it. In 2007, Verve Coffee Roasters opened its first location on 41st Ave in Santa Cruz, California. A location which offers up iconic surf spots, and invested locals. Colby and Ryan put […]
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    March 14, 2017

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    Greasy Valentine

      It’s February 14th and love is in the air. What a wonderful time to express your adoration for the one who’s always there for you in times of need. That’s right, we’re talking about your bike mechanic. Now’s the time to show your love for that greasy wizard/wizardess who’s working long hours in the back room of your favorite bike shop. After all, who keeps your bike obsessively dialed? Who listens patiently to all of your internet-informed diagnoses and all the strange sounds you make to describe what’s wrong with your bike? Here’s to the underpaid magician of your […]
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    February 13, 2017

  • Old Caz Final-Hero

    Return to Old Caz

    Kitsbow Ambassador Yuri Hauswald has had a long and rich history at the Grasshopper Adventure Series, so we asked him to write about his experience at this year’s Old Caz ride. Here’s what the Diesel had to say: “Swallows have the Mission San Juan Capistrano. Monarch butterflies have the sanctuary trees of Pacific Grove. And grasshoppers? They have the wooded hamlet of Occidental, nestled in the hazy coastal hills of Northern California. In case you didn’t know, grasshoppers have been flocking to this sacred spot for the past 19 years – not to take rest on their yearly migration, but […]
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    February 7, 2017

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    Ask the Experts: Winter Training, Spring Dreaming

      The harsh onslaught of winter weather often makes cycling difficult, if not downright impossible. Sloppy conditions, pouring rain, and heavy snow are all valid reasons to take a day off from the bike without losing all of your trail cred. Even if you’ve earned a brief hibernation, there are plenty of alternatives to riding that will keep you physically fit, mentally prepared, and thoroughly stoked for spring when it finally arrives. We asked a few of our favorite experts to let us know how they stay sharp during winter and to inspire us with their plans for spring.   […]
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    January 25, 2017