New Journey


Being with the same group of guys and the evolution from 24 HR Races to the current week long trip has taken a new meaning for all of us. It’s getting older, family, becoming more appreciative of this time and now dealing with the loss of Tony. We’d been making the random 5 minute video, sharing it within our group, taking a ton of GoPro footage but we’d never taken the time to really talk about what this meant to all of us, capture that and share it with one another; The 36 hrs. Of Kitsbow did that for us.

It felt good to talk about it, to hear what this means to everyone. To sit down and have a conversation about how this has all grown and the people that it’s affected is pretty awesome. We all love being on the bike and wandering into the woods, love the suffering that comes with 7 days straight of riding and those rocky East Coast climbs. But it’s become about so much more than the bike.

Making this video gave us all the opportunity to talk about how much we mean to one another and how important this all is. It gave us all a chance to talk about Tony’s death and celebrate him, how much he affected us. Making this video made us all more grateful for one another, it motivated us to keep going, it affected all of our families and friends to see the this trip, see who we are – we’re grateful for this video, it’s something we will all keep forever.