Petaluma to Marin


At Kitsbow we strive to fit it all in: work, family, and fun.

But when it feels like adventure is something others do, it's time to hit pause. Then eject.

Because adventure is just outside our door, maybe even a short train ride away. The key is to go.

Join Kitsbow Director of Design and Development, Tim Clark, Customer Service Sherpa, Storm Glover, and Kitsbow Ambassador, Yuri Hauswald, as they bring you the first in our series, 36 Hours in Kitsbow.

Yep, we're all busy, but most of us can get away for 36 hours.

No need for a plane ticket, five weeks of vacation, and special equipment. No need for financial independence or an infinite hall pass.

Just 36 hours. A bike. Good gear. Good friends.

This is our story, from Petaluma, California.

It could be yours.