Wheels and Weddings in Stillwater, OK


Not every ride goes according to plan. With the right company, it doesn’t matter. For better or for worse, for richer or poorer, all that jazz….

“In Oklahoma, you learn to make a lot out of a little…..Turns out that the unfortunate weather that scrambled our storyboards helped us tell a truer story. Ask around about the Land Run 100, and you’ll learn that we know how to put together an epic ride or two in Oklahoma, but a more honest reflection of our community of bike riders is found in those everyday rides that go according to plan or don’t, while the people sharing them barely notice the difference.” -Seth Wood

It came together as a side effect of a reunion among certain too long parted friends. The player that really drives the show is the red dirt roads of Oklahoma, a rugged hilly expanse surrounding the small, big college town of Stillwater and the ever changeable weather of the American Prairie...and a big surprise at the end...