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Debbie Phelps

I hail from:
Gunnison, Colorado

But I am most at home:
Riding my mountain bike in wonderful places around the world.

I pay my bills by:

I never leave home without:
Purest water bottle

My three favorite pieces of Kitsbow kit are:
The Purest water bottle, Icon Shirt, and t-shirts

I love them because:
They are all the best in the country

You see this scar? I got this when I:
Scar! How about scars. Added each year from crashes or pedal bites.

The closest I ever came to dying was:
Scuba diving in Apra Harbor, Guam in 1971

The closest I’ve been to complete and profound enlightenment was:
When I was coached on the rattle Snake Trail at Hartman Rocks and rode all the difficult A lines smoothly. It was an amazing ride.

My favorite place to ride (that I am willing to tell you about) is:
Hartman Rocks in Gunniso. County, Colorado. Unfortunately, you must agree to ride with me and wait at the top of the hills while doing burpees.

My favorite secret spot is:
A special trail at Hartman Rocks.

If I ever won an Oscar, my 10-word speech would go like this:
It’s been an incredible journey. High five to my supporters

Lastly, shout out to:
David Billstrom and VIDA MtB Series

David has encouraged me in finding about Kitsbow and its mission. Through VIDA MTB Series I have gained confidence on my mountain bike and made friends with awesome lady shredders.