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Marshall Eames

I hail from:
A sandy kelp laden sea cave in lands of Narnia ( Lafayette, California)

But I am most at home:
In any mud hole.

I pay my bills by:
Expressing goofy self to the public (random odd jobs and acting like I know a lot about bikes).

I never leave home without:
A large knife and assorted oils.

My three favorite pieces of Kitsbow kit are:
Front Range Merino sweatshirt, Trials Soft Shell waterproof jacket, Ventilated Short V2.

I love them because:
The unbelievable fit and performance they offer. They also hold up nicely when I hit the deck.

You see this scar? I got this when I:
was told it is too big to stitch up. A gnarly chuck of meat was taken from my left elbow. All excess skin was cut away and it took five months to heal from the inside out. It happened when I went over the bars on a high speed super D run, at the Sea Otter Classic 2012.

The closest I ever came to dying was:
Breaking my back.

The closest I’ve been to complete and profound enlightenment was:
Breaking my back. (Wasn't close. It happened)

My favorite place to ride (that I am willing to tell you about) is:
Whistler Canada. Only place so far where I can truly dance on my bike. I love dancing!! I am sure most of you know about Whistler.

My favorite secret spot is:
Exactly 6.75 mm in my ear hole. It can be frisked by left hand pinky fingers or a clean tongues.

If I ever won an Oscar, my 10-word speech would go like this:
Thank you for supporting my loving, goofy, transparent, naked character.

Lastly, shout out to:
Thanks to my parents, family, and loving supporters of all that I do.

You all give me permission to be me!!

Marshall is an outdoor enthusiast that loves using mountain bikes as a way to express his preferred form of movement. The thrill he experiences while gliding over any given terrain is the feeling he hunts for in every activity he attempts. Having an early childhood dream and the help of good friends, he rides and races mountain bikes professionally. When he isn’t on his bike he is either working odd jobs, wrenching on bikes, dancing, or just having a good giggle. Also known as #endurojesus , he is well known for generating smiles in every situation. Marshall loves to put his body and mind through the wringer in any physical activity. He loves the everyday adventure of staying fit and achieving balance through out all aspects of life.