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Yuri Hauswald

I hail from:
What was once the chicken capital of the world, Petaluma, CA

But I am most at home:
On my bike

I pay my bills by:
Carrier pigeon

I never leave home without:
My underwear on

My three favorite pieces of Kitsbow kit are:
Icon, Wind Jacket and my new black Drifter Jeans

I love them because:
They look good on and off the bike: form, fashion and function!!!

You see this scar? I got this when I:
Severed my tricep tendon at a Norba National in 2004 and it night shaded up my arm.

The closest I ever came to dying was:
That time I wrecked on a wet road corner and went sliding across the road into the other lane like I was on ice. If it had been 30 seconds later, I would've hugged a car, or worse.

The closest I’ve been to complete and profound enlightenment was:
Nearly going hypothermic on an epic "summer" ride in Iceland.

My favorite place to ride (that I am willing to tell you about) is:
Stanley, Idaho

My favorite secret spot is:
Is named after a vegetable and is located in the birth place of mountain biking. I was shown it over 20 yrs ago, and it's still just as good.

If I ever won an Oscar, my 10-word speech would go like this:
Set audacious goals. Do the work. Smile more, worry less.

Lastly, shout out to:
My wife, Vanessa

She's a fighter who lives everyday to its fullest, she's a dreamer who never stops thinking about the future and because she's a lover who has the biggest heart.

Yuri grew up on a farm in Petaluma, California without a television, which meant spending plenty of time outdoors roaming the hills looking for adventure when he wasn’t doing ranch chores. After a successful collegiate career playing lacrosse for UC Berkeley, and armed with a degree in American Literature, Yuri discovered the joys of mountain biking while teaching English at a prep school in Pennsylvania. A former two-time solo winner of the 24-Hours of Adrenaline and 9th place finisher at the 2006 24-Hour World Championships, Yuri charged to the Flint Hills of Kansas in 2013 and the Dirty Kanza 200. Considered by many to be the toughest gravel race in the world, he placed 1st in 2015. When he’s not racing his bike and working for GU Energy Labs as Community Dev Manager, Yuri spends as much time seeking the path less traveled with his wife, Vanessa, and large Rhodesian Ridgeback, Kingston.