36 Hours in Kitsbow: Quality Moments

by Kitsbow Sherpa

Words by Kevin Stiffler

I live for the Quality Moments in life; the moments that cause pause: sunrises, sunsets, the sun on my family's smiling faces, the sound of my tires in dirt. These days, I find myself busier than ever, and prioritizing and pausing for those Quality Moments sometimes becomes harder and harder, while simultaneously becoming ever-more important. I hoped to capture some of these moments, to pause, to share, to inspire.

I'm sure many of you can relate, doing anything with a young kiddo isn't easy, and tends to add quite the adventure. As if downsizing into an RV as we build our home wasn't adventurous enough with the kiddo, add the cameras, the repeated takes, and this video effort definitely became an all-day adventure worthy of several kid-sized Scooby Snacks! But I'm happy to share Quality Moments with our son, and with ya'll.

The days don't always happen this way, and I'm stoked to share this day. The weather opened the sky and the trails after so, so much rain and snow this spring. We opt for the bike and trailer over the car, enjoy our ripping morning descent in the cool spring morning air, then settle in to school; where #babyGrahamCrackers trades pedals for pencils, and I trade sunglasses for computer reading glasses...until lunch. Ah yes, that classic Lunch Ride, where the sunglasses have their chance to fend off the bright afternoon sun once again, the legs shake off their cubicle cramps, and the tires sound oh so sweet as they rip into the dirt. Then its back to the office, that square box of processed air, until, that clock strikes 5pm! Then just like rewind, its back to school, back up the hill, back to home, as the sunlight fades. Of course, there's also what happens off-camera here: the multiple terrible two tantrums we navigated, the trailside emergency blow-out diaper changes (thought trailside dog-poop bags were gross?!), outfit changes, repeated takes, all with Graham's exclamations for 'fasta da-da, fasta da-da' singing in my ears; Quality Moments.

What Quality Moments do you pause to enjoy?

Thanks to Tory of FulFrame productions for keeping his eye behind the camera lens while we all enjoyed our Quality Moments. Without your creative perspective, patience, and endless reapplication of sunscreen (ha!), this couldn't have come together as well as it did! Thanks also to my wife Natalie, who without her continual support, determination, persistence, and amazing approach to life, we wouldn't have been able to do this at all!