36 Hours in Kitsbow: Baltimore

by Mary Bardell


36 Hours in Kitsbow: Our First Century (Baltimore, MD)

Charmed by Baltimore

Happiness on a bike is not measured in how many centuries you have under your belt.

How light your carbon valve caps are does not equate to how much fun you’re having.

In the end, it's all about your perspective, it's all about how you roll (literally) with the punches.

 And arguably, nobody else has a better perspective than the three folks who recently took on a solid journey from The Charm City, also known as Baltimore, Maryland.

We're proud to show you #3 in our short film series, "36 Hours in Kitsbow."

Watch their trek in Baltimore here.

36 Hours in Kitsbow is a short film series where regular riders tell their stories of how they rode near their home, for the joy of the ride, without spending a ton of money (or time) doing it. In other words, the bike adventure any of us can enjoy.
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