A Deal Is A Deal

by David Billstrom

If you're reading this, you probably already know that we make high quality, super durable apparel that should last for years. With this commitment to quality comes a lifetime warranty

Normal wear and tear isn't covered, but any other failure in the manufacture of the garment is covered, with no time limit. 

That's not common in apparel. 



Over the past year, we came to realize that one of our most popular products, the Mescal Ventilated Shorts, had a belt buckle problem. It slips for many customers.

Really, when we thought about it, it is obvious that your belt buckle has only one job to do.

Not to slip.

To be candid, this is embarrassing. Awesome products should not have such a flaw. So we owned it.

Our product team revisited the design, came up with potential solutions, tested these in the field repeatedly, and (eventually) came up with a winner -- same style, same look, but with improved functionality.

It no longer slips. And happily for the Earth, older shorts can be retrofitted with the solution. Hooray!

We've sold 1,000+ of these shorts over the years, and this week we started reaching out to all of those buyers -- no matter how long it has been since they bought their shorts.

We're offering to send them a free shipping label so they can send their shorts back to us, then we'll fix their slippery buckle, and then ship the shorts back to them free (special arrangements for international). The only responsibility of the customer is to wash them first.

Because a deal is a deal.



The team at Kitsbow isn't doing this just because of our warranty policy. We know it's the right thing to do to keep these shorts on the trail.

We don't want the life of any of our garments to be cut short because the product doesn't work, and we certainly don't want our clothes to end up in a landfill, ever.

Keeping clothes out of the landfill is a key Kitsbow value (and one of the fundamental tenets of our work as a Benefit Corporation).

So we also offer (affordable) repairs of all of our products, and a place to sell clothes that are no longer used: Kitsbow Experienced Apparel.

We can do this because we make everything here in the U.S.A., so we have the know-how, the raw materials, and the replacement parts right here in the building.

We think this is a subtle, but significant advantage to making garments here -- we can easily repair them here.

And keep them going, and out of the landfill.

We're sorry, and we'll fix it.



If you're one of the Mescal Ventilated Shorts owners and you haven't heard from us yet, you can reach out to our team at info@kitsbow.com (email is best) and they'll get you started on the repair program.

If you have other Kitsbow that needs some love and attention for even normal wear and tear, then the team can help you with that too: contact them at info@kitsbow.com.

If you'd like to list your Kitsbow for sale (or checkout some of the awesome Vintage Kitsbow for sale) then hop over to Experienced Apparel. The stories those clothes could tell...


p.s. Yes, of course, if you buy a new pair... they already come with the new design and do not slip.