A Night is All You Need

by Zander Nosler April 12, 2017


Adventure comes in an array of shapes and sizes, from extensive multi-day trips through remote landscapes to short jaunts in your own backyard. Sometimes all it takes is one night under the stars to hit your reset button. Getting out there on an overnighter elevates the monotony of the everyday to a new level of excitement, unfamiliarity and exploration. We found a great opportunity during the Spring Outerbike festival in Moab to wrangle some friends, pack up some overnight gear and get out on a micro-adventure in a beautiful landscape. After a full day of hustling at the event, our overnight escape began as we packed up our bikes and set off in search of some flat red rock. What followed was highlighted by beautiful light and a contemplative night under the stars.


Moab riding takes on a whole new feel with fully loaded bikes.


Pack light and dress smart. The Icon + Adjustable A/M Short combo is essential bikepacking kit for cooler temps.


Goodnight, Moab.

DSC01141DSC01158Morning coffee is so much better in this setting.


Feeling refreshed after our time away, we rolled back just in time for more Outerbike.

To find out where Jordan and Lani will be next, check out the Vanbassadors page or join our club on Strava.


Words: Jordan Carr

Photos: Jeff Kerkove

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Zander Nosler
Zander Nosler


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