Adventure...On us.

by Mary Bardell August 01, 2018

We want to see what your 36-hour mountain, gravel, or even road adventure looks like, and we want to foot the bill.

We recently launched the 36 Hours in Kitsbow project and we’re relying on our ambassadors and favorite customers to show us how to do it. What kind of epic adventure can you cook up and how much can you squeeze into 36 hours? We'll provide cash and gear so that you and your pack can make a short film that shows all of us what you do and why.

What should a 36 Hours in Kitsbow film look like? Glad you asked. The only rule is: there are no rules! Well, maybe some guidelines…

Does it have to be on a bike?

Yes and no. It should reflect a passion for cycling and relate to a cycling lifestyle. It should definitely involve some saddle time, but be creative! Got kids? Rad. Put em’ in. Replacing a head gasket in an ‘87 Vanagon? Awesome. Show us. Best pre-ride recipe ever? Tell us. Top secret “NO STRAVA!” backcountry trails? Well… maybe not that, but you get the picture.

I know what I’m doing, but I’m no Michael Bay.

No prob.  We’re not looking for million dollar productions, but you should have a decent understanding of how to tell a story with a camera. We’re more interested in creativity and compelling story, but hey… we’re still suckers for epic drone shots and Steadicam singletrack chases.

What do I get?

We’ll outfit you (and potentially your squad) in appropriate Kitsbow apparel and contribute a reasonable stipend to fund your mischief adventure. And of course, we’ll share your masterpiece with our network of Kitsbow Obsessives, customers, friends and media.

How do I apply?

Applications are being accepted between now and August 15th. Hit us up, be creative, don’t be intimidated, but don’t be lame. Please don’t mail us a napkin with a drawing on it or fire off an ALL CAPS message from your T-Mobile Sidekick. Compelling storytellers to the front of the line!
1. Email Mary 
2. Mary will email you a Grant application
3. Fill it out and email it back to Mary. That's it!

Give me an example.

Yep, here ya go: Here is the first installment of the series that we shot right here in our own backyard!

There you have it. Let us know what your 36 hours would look like and tell us why we should fund it. 5 winners will be selected. We’re looking forward to hearing your pitch!



Mary Bardell
Mary Bardell


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