AMBC x Kitsbow

by Jennah Dunham

All images provided courtesy of AMBC with photo credit to ALM Photo.

Digging More Trails in Tennessee


Appalachian Mountain Bike Club (AMBC) is committed to providing great trail experiences in Tennessee's Knox County area. AMBC is a non-profit organization doing phenomenal work to engage the mountain bike community across the state line. Next time you pass through Knoxville, be sure to experience Knoxville’s Urban Wilderness to get a taste of AMBC’s work throughout the city.

Their dedication to promoting sustainable trail access & trail maintenance in the Southeast is one of the many reasons Kitsbow is excited to support AMBC! You can support the efforts of AMBC by shopping our AMBC x Kitsbow collection.

What’s better than proudly reppin’ AMBC on our gear? Let us tell you...half of the profit of each shirt sold goes right back to the organization.

Join them in the cause to support conservation efforts, trail maintenance and trail education! Get involved with AMBC.