Taste of adventure, with a can-do spirit

by Kitsbow Sherpa

Realize all we CAN do, right now.


Adventure, remember that? Kistbow's Ambassador Wade Morris, sure hasn't forgotten the taste of adventure either.

A self-described climber with a biking problem, he encourages us to flip the narrative and realize all we can do, right now. Our adventures may be small and close to home, but they are just as real and much needed.

Also, his experience as a firefighter and EMT during COVID-19 gives him a unique perspective. Everyone, meet Wade!



What are you most passionate about?
Mountains! My passions involve moving through the mountains using a variety of mediums. I would foremost call myself a rock climber with a biking problem who sometimes skis, but any long day spent in the mountains is a good one too me! 

How have you been impacted by COVID-19?
I've been very lucky during all this COVID-19 craziness. Both my wife and I are working lots, she is a 1st-grade teacher and I am a Firefighter/EMT. So having her home now during the day has been great because it is way more fun to quarantine with your best friend!

Do you know anyone who is vulnerable?
As a first responder, I come into contact much more with COVID-19 than the average person. I know quite a few people who are vulnerable. One of my main adventure partners suffers from asthma and my dad has diabetes. While it sucks not being able to see them, I see first hand how bad this virus can be and would hate to know I sent one of my loved ones to the hospital, because I wasn't being careful.

What would you like to encourage others to do?
While traveling to other states and countries is fun, you can still adventure in your own backyard! Try replacing one errand or approach via car by using your bike instead! It is amazing how one can find unique and new places so close to home.

What is your favorite Kitsbow piece?
I'd have to say the Icon Shirt Relaxed Athletic Fit. I love gear that serves more than one purpose. This is a quiver-killer of a flannel. I can go from outside climbing, straight onto my bike and into the pub without taking it off!


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