Connecting People Through Bikes

by Kitsbow Sherpa

Everyone, Together

Ambassador Abby Walker loves racing cyclocross and a trip to race Cross Nationals highlights every year. This year too, fingers crossed.

That said, racing is only one facet of Abby's involvement in cycling. What really excites her is bringing people together through bikes.

Her involvement in Asheville on Bikes, NICA Pisgah Rage Mountain Bike Team, Asheville Cyclocross ensures she gets to encourage and connect those to a shared passion for bikes.  When she is not racing she is bringing people together through bikes or out adventuring with her family. 

woman riding in a bike race

1. Being a current board member on Asheville on Bikes (AoB), what is your role, and how are you helping grow the program?

Along with being on the Board for the past two years,  I also, serve as Chair of the Events Committee and sit on the Development Committee. I have helped AoB to expand by continuing to develop relationships with cyclists and small businesses in our community.

2. What are some of the significant transportation changes that AoB has helped implemented in our WNC local community? 

 Asheville on Bikes was just awarded the Bicycle Advocacy Organization of the year award for the country! Check out Asheville on Bikes website to see all of their accomplishments.

3. Due to the pandemic, things have shifted. Has AoB found new and creative ways to connect with the community?

Yes! Unfortunately, we have had to cancel two large community rides because they attract several hundreds of people. However, we created a new COVID friendly urban cycling scavenger hunt style event and had over 120 participants! It was a huge success and are planning on doing more in the upcoming months. Stay tuned!

woman on bike wearing hilso tee

4. As more people are getting into riding bikes, what five safety tips do you recommend for happy and safe riding? 

   1. Always wear a helmet

   2. Know the rules of the road ( signal when turning, etc.)

   3. Make yourself visible

   4. Maintain your bicycle( check tire pressure, wheels on tight, etc.)

   5. Use bike lanes when possible

5. What are your favorite vital skills to help teach new riders? 

How to use and change gears while riding, getting out of your saddle when riding downhill technical terrain, keeping level pedals and having fun.

 Abby's Favorite Kitsbow Gear

Hilso Tee

Third Divide Trucker Hat