December Demo at The Mob Shop


With near-daily rains leaving greater Marin County completely waterlogged, you could say that we’re now comfortably in the “off-season” for our favorite hobby. While it’s something of a bummer to not be able to ride with the daily frequency or persuasion of our choosing, it just means we have to be a bit more proactive to keep the Sprinter van wheels spinning in search of dry singletrack.

Enter The Mob Shop: nestled in the mountains of beautiful Ojai, California, this impressive new collaborative local bike shop was built from the repurposed guts of an old service station by three good riding buddies. Haven’t heard of Ojai? Neither had we, until we discovered this sleepy, sun-bleached town to be a veritable Shangri-la for every type of riding, and still largely undiscovered by the general Californian populace. A short drive from Santa Barbara, and an even shorter drive inland from Carpinteria Beach, Ojai is host to some seriously phenomenal, world-class road and mountain riding options stretching out in every direction from your main street doorstep. The Mob Shop is the foremost choice of only two shops in town; as the shop is dedicated to work closely with the community to bring a level of cycling to a town that could very well see itself as a major riding destination in the not-so-distant future.

We were recently invited by the Mob boys to join up with an event they were hosting with Pivot Bicycles, who was sending a trailer packed with Mach 5.7 and 429 Carbon demo bikes through town. Having just come off an extremely wet trip to the Pacific Northwest, we jumped at the chance to soak up some Ventura County sunshine and get our own demo fleet of A/M Shorts dirty in the process.

The demo was expertly run by Josh and Allison — a married couple who spend life on the road shuttling the massive Pivot/BH trailer fully stocked with bikes, tools, and gear from trail to trail and shop to shop; while riding, camping, hiking, and dirt biking all along the way. Can you say “endless honeymoon?” Not too shabby.

We also set up shop, giving attendees a chance to try out our SASTAN mountain bike Jersey and A/M Shorts as they took flight on a new Mach 429 Carbon. With all the rain from two days’ previous, the trails were left plenty tacky and begging for some action. Everything that went out came back with a healthy veneer of earthy spray.

Reactions were overwhelmingly positive as to how well our Mountain bike jersey performed on the warm ascents and cool descents, along with the overall superlative fit of the short. Shop partner Kelly took turns shuttling demo riders to the trailhead and getting in a few hot laps of his own, while putting our kit through the ringer on a new Pivot “Les.” It took some serious coaxing to get him to give the jersey and shorts back at the end of the day.

If you’re itching to try our kit, you can keep tabs on where the Kitsbow Sprinter will be headed next by liking us on Facebook, or following us on Twitter.

However, if you’d rather not wait around for our next demo day, remember that we offer an unconditional 30-day return policy, which should give you plenty of time to take our short and mountain bike jersey out on your favorite local trail and decide for yourself. You can shop the collection here.

Many thanks to Greg (above), Tim, and Kelly of the Mob Shop for letting us piggy-back on their awesome event and for introducing us to the amazing local organic eats. It is with complete certainty that we’ll soon be back in Ojai with a few extra ride days to spare

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