Only One, You Cheaters

by Kitsbow Sherpa

Words by Kitsbow Ambassador Taylor Weichman


The world is a wild place. Endless new experiences are around every corner, figurative and otherwise. This year my work handed me a box of surprises that included 3 continents, 12 countries, untold beautiful human experiences and diverse climates. I had to pack light and fast, and so I chose one Kitsbow piece to bring on my adventure. The Escalator Merino Henley made the cut.

Locke just recently talked about the versatility of Kitsbow wool in his adventures. It’s like he read my mind. While my trip didn’t afford me the opportunity to bring my own bike, I may or may not have smuggled one to where I was living for a time (cannot confirm nor deny). Because the temperatures reached 120 during the day there, I did my best to ride at night or do dawn patrol. Some days I woke up late and the sun was already punishing the earth and every being who ventured beyond the shade. I still wanted and needed to ride, and so I did. In all cases, my Escalator was the go-to choice. The wool kept me insulated on the night rides, and protected and cooled me when I was too stubborn to not ride during the day.


After escaping the 120 degree desert, my travels took me to the top of a volcano, where, surrounded by fog at 10,000 feet, the temperature was 42* F. Guess what shirt kept me warm and functioning. You would guess correctly, Escalator thinkers, (mostly because I already told you I only brought one Kitsbow shirt, you cheaters). It works effortlessly as a standalone shirt, and functions efficiently when used as a layer (I admit I needed a jacket at the top, my body’s temperature adjustment hadn’t caught up to my location adjustment). Inside a lava cave created by the ancient yet active volcano, the shirt kept me comfortable and, dare I say, stylish.

The next legs of my journey put me in port towns, one with rain and winds gusting to 40 mph. The other, a perfect sunny 60 degree late summer day. If you haven’t guessed, I wore my escalator both of those places, too.


Like I said, these sorts of trips require me to pack light and fast, and the Escalator is extremely packable for a wool shirt, and it is my go-to for these sorts of adventures. (Its wool qualities also excel when laundry isn’t always the easiest to access. Gross but whatever, this is a cycling blog) It proved its worth at 10,000 feet and in 10,000 degree heat. It wasn’t that hot but good lord it felt like it some days. Anyway.

Throughout the year, my mantra has been #choose (it’s been on the blog a few times). While some of the locations on this trip weren’t my choice, it was my choice how I spent my time there. I made it a goal to get out and explore my surroundings, to meet the people there, and experience as much as I could. Sometimes this involved a bike, and sometimes it didn’t, and that’s ok. I was out there, and more often than not, my Kitsbow Escalator with out there with me.



Puff pieces about gear tend to bother me, too, so let me just say this. This shirt is an all-around useful shirt that I chose to bring because of its versatility. Cycling or not, this is an adventure shirt that gets the job done.


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