Even Better!

by Jennah Dunham

Haskell Short
by Grant Godfrey

As soon as I got a hold of the latest Haskell Short, I felt that these shorts were higher quality than even the last iteration of the short. What did I notice first? FIT. The fit is much better than the previous pair, especially in the waist.

These shorts are definitely made of a heavier weight material than most cycling shorts, but I have not had any issues with excess sweat or wearing in the heat. The material just really gives you the feeling of a durable piece of clothing that will last. One of the features that I didn't think I would care about is the key pocket, but I use that almost every time I ride in these shorts.

I have put the Haskell Short through the paces with techy desert rides (and crashes) in Grand Junction, bike park laps preparing for a race in Winter Park, my daily rides on local trails, to 40 mile epics in the heart of Pisgah, and even some commuting. The Haskell Short was up to the task for all of these ride types. This short is completely unobstructive, yet has enough of a durable feeling to forget about all the grime that you are grinding between your shorts and your seat. Let alone the thorns that are trying to rip the clothes right off your body! The Haskell Short holds up.

These are my go to shorts if I am riding something that I may be going a little harder on. For long days with a ton of climbing in hot and humid weather, my go to is still the Mescal Ventilated Short as this short offers more of a cooling effect. But, for most anything else, the Haskell Short is what I am pulling out of my closet.

The Haskell Short is fantastic for hard riding and commuting, especially since they have more of a casual aesthetic. I love the fact that I can wear these outside of riding too. They are not only my go-to riding short, but also my go-to casual short that I can wear anywhere!


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