Feed Your New Habit

by Beth Donovan

Everyday Transport?
How to make this a daily reality.

Most of us are riding our bikes more than ever, including for transportation. But as normal life returns, can we keep our new habit going?

Yes we can.

Bike to Work Week is May 17-23. And, for the occasion, we’ve tapped Kitsbow Ambassador and Bike Advocate, Mike Sule, of Asheville on Bikes, to share practical advice helping you expand your new habit into everyday transportation!

Tips for Creating our Transportation Habit: 
Ride a bicycle with an experienced friend to an interesting and enjoyable destination. Think two or three mile pedal on calm neighborhood roads during your free time. You want your first experience to be relaxed, fun, and conversational so that the first ride inspires future rides. 
Tips for Simplifying your Commute:

If your goal is to ride to work, ride to and from work a few times on your day off, so that you know how long it will take and are familiar with the terrain and conditions. By any mode, getting to work can be a hectic experience, so test ride your commute so that it's a predictable experience.

Gear to Not Forget:

Always have the basics: front and rear lights, bell, pump, extra tube, fenders and basic tools. Other than that, each rider has to tune their kit according to their needs. My kit includes pine tar fragrance to freshen up on arrival, a few zip-ties for emergency fixes, and charging cords to recharge my lights and phone.

Must-have Apparel for your Commute:

My Escalator Merino is my most versatile piece. I use it all year; it's the perfect base and easily layered. I throw it over and under a collar shirt, have worn it with a sports jacket, and have rode with it on multi-day trips. The Escalator doesn't retain odor and packs small. Very few items conform to business and leisure like the Escalator.