Fellow Traveler

by Kitsbow Sherpa

Content originally published 4/5/2020
Weston is wearing the Icon Shirt


Travel seems like such a luxury right now. But for Kitsbow's Ambassador Weston Shirley, it is a reminder that adventure is a state of mind.

Though he earns his living as a Utah backcountry-cycling guide and seasonal ski patroller, if given the leash, and he’d be off adventuring.

We caught up with Weston to hear about how he’s adapted to life closer to home.


What are you most passionate about?
I love to travel, bike, ski, and photograph the world. I also love sharing it with others; be it by photographs, media, or guided tours.

What kind of riding do you like to do? 
I credit cycling for everything that makes me, me. I've raced through high school and college at Lees-McRae. I then took up a career in guided mountain bike and road bike trips. My jam is all-day all-mountain group rides in the high alpine. I've also been known to do some bike packing through remote third world countries. 

Are you spending time outside while social distancing? 
It's a strange time we find ourselves in. I intend to dial all my activities back to a very safe level; with the goal of lowering all risk, to not rely on our already overburdened healthcare system and first responders.

What are you looking forward to?
I look forward to going back to work and chilling with friends.

What is your favorite Kitsbow piece?
I am very partial to the Icon. I use it almost everyday in the winter and most cool days in the summer. It never needs to be washed and always looks good. 


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