For The Love of Road

by Nicholas Haig-Arack March 01, 2016

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Road riding is not about racing, competition, countless hours training, spending spare time on rollers, and, especially, it’s not about making a science of our sport.  

Sure, we’ve partaken of every one of those activities, but they’re not at the heart of our true passion for cycling. It’s the inherent adventure and the natural high felt only when we’re spinning our cranks. It’s the rhythm of the ride – the sound of asphalt zipping under our tires, the tone of the wind, and the cadence of our heart and breath. Best of all, it’s about camaraderie. Only cyclists can appreciate how easily we all get along and understand one another. We all share fervor for the immersive experience and are connected through the mutual physical and mental challenge and reward. The ascent and the descent. The headwind and the tailwind. The exhaustion and the food. Lots of food.

Kitsbow is the product of life-long passion for bikes, apparel, and the outdoors. As a collective of designers, stitchers, and pedalers, we have striven to create a best-in-class apparel and a customer experience to match. We lean more MTB, and that’s reflected in Kitsbow’s roots and where we started our company, but we all spend time on the road, too, and felt that the current road apparel options didn’t capture the spirit of why we ride skinny tires.


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Fit, style, construction, and fabric are the foundation of what makes a Kitsbow product unique. For road, we strove for un-matched comfort and durability, performance-enhancing fit, and style that’s congruent with the spirit of adventure.

Road kit needs to fit close to the body to keep you efficient in the wind and chafe-free, and to provide compression where necessary.  These technical requirements and the rider’s position dictate the over-all cut, but subtle details can make a difference – like a slightly longer sleeve to keep the cuff in place. Colors that don’t scream but still provide style. Paneling that accentuates the athletic form, ventilates, and increases comfort and durability. Details like moisture proof pockets, a spot for spent gels, and soft touchpoints reveal an understanding of road that only comes from years in the saddle.




At the core of our collection are the fabrics. Kitsbow is the first to use PolarTec fabric as foundation for our bib, providing a durable, yet comfortable, compression fit while also providing climate and comfort management at a new level. Our jerseys are made from a merino wool blend paired with strategically placed sublimated Miti fabric that make year-round wear possible. Impeccable craftsmanship and useful detailing complete the story.  Our wind jacket uses 100% nylon, stretch-woven, DWR-coated shell that provides just enough give to move with your body but also has incredible durability for such a featherweight, packable material.




The same obsessive approach applies across the board, for road, mountain and those rare moments when you’re off the bike. Our hope is that wearing our apparel will actually make you want to ride more. As our friends in the climbing, skiing, and mountaineering worlds have shown us, what you wear is as much part of the gear as the ice-axe, ski, or backpack.

The right clothes can expand what’s possible. The wrong ones can, at best, get in the way and, at worst, ruin an adventure.




Our obsession for cycling runs deep. From the bikes we ride, to the clothes we wear, we’re obsessive about every detail. Our industry friends are equally obsessive and, like us, their passion can be experienced through their products. To help celebrate the launch of our road line, we partnered with our friends to build what is possibly the most obsessive, bad ass road bike giveaway possible.  But it’s road, Kitsbow style. Fast, for sure, but with concessions for the less beaten path, for unpredictable weather, and for the unexpected events that surely make a ride an adventure.

Enter the Obsessives Road Giveaway here

And even if you don’t win, we encourage you to try our kit, risk free.  We stand behind our work, and if you don’t like it, send it back for a complete refund (shipping included) — ultimately at absolutely no cost to you.

For the Love of Road.


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Nicholas Haig-Arack
Nicholas Haig-Arack


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