Going the Distance


Words by Ryan Davis, on his experiences with Kitsbow while riding the North Cape 4000.


The gear is durable, very important when going the distance.

I had one set through all my travels this year, bib, jersey, socks, two long sleeves, one for night and one for riding, wind vest, arm warmers, and knee warmers. I put it all through the ringer, even had a couple spills, but fortunately my hands and camelback took most of the hit. It keeps it’s elasticity, from bibs to socks, feels like quality, feels like it’s been made with love and in the USA, it's soft to the skin but tough to the environment. Kept me warm when it was cold and cool when it was warm. I did get a day of heat rash going through France, but I think it was definitely the camel back and the amount of exertion, felt like needles all over my back. I had a small rip, around the back pocket of my jersey but that’s because I stuffed it with an abnormal amount of food, it needed just a little extra space, but I doubt anyone else will have that issue.

It can go days with out washing:

As a nurse, I recommend washing the bib as much as possible especially if it’s your only one, but it will be fine without out for a few days, just keep your junk and chamois clean, carry some sani wipes, wipe them down if your in a multi day situation. I wore it through the heat, rain, dust, mist, cold, and wind, I’d just hang it off the bike at night, and it would feel fine in the morning, if it was damp, I’d just put it on and after being on the bike for a minute it wouldn't matter anyways, but dried quite quickly. Concerning the smell, it was all relative, but I couldn’t smell my self so that’s always a good sign, and no one else complained either, I even would wear the kit to sleep, but that was just because I’d ride into the night, bivy out, and back on again early, efficiency is key when making big miles. When I did get around to wash it, it would surprise the hell out of me, water turned brown or even a grey, but I would just be like, “Huh? Could have fooled me.” It always would dry quickly, unless I was outside on a dewy night, can’t do anything about that, always helped if I was inside and there was a heater near by, or a fan, but mostly just hang it up, and only the chamois would be a little damp in the morning. I was only getting 5-6 hours a sleep a night anyways, so these things take a minute, just the natural course of evaporation takes time, but helps when the fabrics make it faster.



Chamois butter?,PSSSSSHHHH, no need.

For me NO chamois butter was needed, I’ve always had a problem chafing, no matter the bib, maybe my under carriage is just like an old glove now, but still, I used to have to squirt a whole tube down there every ride. Now, not so worried about it, I just carry a small tube for emergencies, I did have one saddle sore, but I think that was because I was pushing pretty hard, and missed a couple of showers, I’m shocked nothing more than that, I’ve had worse going just 50 miles.


Plenty of space for pastries:

Other than my tour through France, every day I stuffed every pocket full of pastries, peanut butter, pastries, pizza, coffee, soda, coffee, sandwiches, pastries, a burrito, and tons of various gummies, mostly the sour kind, I could never eat them in moderation, I would eat the whole bag at once. Love the pocket on the chest, if it wasn’t pouring, I’d always keep my most important items right there over the heart, my wallet and passport, you can do anything with those, and when in doubt just feel for it and you can rest easy. Minor freak outs still happen though about ten times a day, you know that feeling when you can’t find you wallet. But, you don’t have to get off to find it, just reach to your heart.


It looks pretty damn spiffy:

As I was taking photos for two events, and lining up at the Northcape 4000, it’s hard not to notice the get ups, the men and women look sharp, those guys take their style very serious, they all look like super hero’s in costume. So it was cool to line up with them in Kitsbow, US made for an American man, felt like a GI joe. It’s always been the case as soon as I put the gear on and clip in, things would change for me, no doubt, no fear, no looking back, full speed ahead, it was a bit stronger force having Kitsbow on, because I knew it wouldn’t fail me. 


What quality feels like:

I don’t think I could wear anything else. I’ve always loved wool, it’s the best material in the universe, and when it’s on a sheep they look pretty darn comfortable too, I've always admired their comfort, when I’m out there riding, now I’m like practically a sheep myself. I’ve always loved the basics of life, minimalism, utilitarian, simplicity, practical, Kitsbow does that well. It's everything that I could have imagined that I would wear when I didn’t wear Kitsbow. I would highly recommend it, which I have all over since I first put it on, spread the love, spread the Bow.


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