Greasy Valentine

Greasy Valentine

by Zander Nosler February 13, 2017

It’s February 14th and love is in the air. What a wonderful time to express your adoration for the one who’s always there for you in times of need. That’s right, we’re talking about your bike mechanic.

Now’s the time to show your love for that greasy wizard/wizardess who’s working long hours in the back room of your favorite bike shop. After all, who keeps your bike obsessively dialed? Who listens patiently to all of your internet-informed diagnoses and all the strange sounds you make to describe what’s wrong with your bike? Here’s to the underpaid magician of your local shop: your beloved mechanic.

Here are a few things you can do to show them how much you appreciate them:

Clean your bike before you drop it off. It makes their job easier, and that makes everybody happy.

Give them space. The workbench is a mechanic’s entire world, so stay out of that virtual hula hoop unless you’re invited in. That goes double for borrowing their tools.

Give them time. Your bike is only the most important bike to you. Don’t wait until the day before the big race to get a full pro tune.

Like the bumper sticker says; Cash, Grass, or Ass, Nobody Rides for Free. In this case, it’s cash, snacks, or beverages. A generous cash tip isn’t required, but it sure does go a long way. So does fresh, healthy food. Find our what your mechanic’s favorite beer is and then bring them a six-pack. These aren’t forms of payment, but rather supplementary expressions of your gratitude, so be generous!

If you’re feeling really generous, Kitsbow is a mechanic’s best friend. The Icon and Mountain Hoodie go well with chain lube, White Lightning and rubbing alcohol.

Respect and support them and they’ll respect and support you.

Go ahead, celebrate this day of love by showing them how much you love them and making their day a little brighter!

Kitsbow make your day brighter

Zander Nosler
Zander Nosler


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