Hey, That Looks Good on You, Dustin

by Beth Donovan

We think that the biggest benefit to wearing a favorite garment is getting a compliment for how it looks on you. 

That's why we obsess so much about fit, and offer so many kinds.

In this series we highlight a different Kitsbow Team member, and show how they wear their favorite Kitsbow gear.

Today, meet Dustin!

Hi Dustin, tell us a little about yourself.

I come from a BMX background, digging trails, and riding the mean streets of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

I moved to western North Carolina in search of a smaller town with better beers and bigger mountains.

After a few year's hiatus, I rediscovered my love for bikes when I rode the underground caverns in Louisville.

Through a small chain of events and a large handful of great folks on bikes, here I am, riding all the bikes... wondering whats next.

What are your top 2 favorite Kitsbow pieces?

Mescal Ventilated Shorts & Signature Fit Icon

What do you like so much about Kitsbow Apparel?

 I will admit, I spend a lot more time on the bikes with the curly bars (Don't be such a roadie...), so when I leave the Lycra at home or need to cover it up so I can go a little more Grav-Cas (slang for gravel-casual: ready to wear wherever).

I go for the slimmer fitting Mescal Shorts. The slimmer fit is a little more aero and the length is spot on, sitting well above the knees.

The Icon is an obvious go to piece. Even if its too hot while on the bike, its perfect to throw on when grabbing those recovery beverages in an overly air-conditioned brewery.   

Where and when do you wear your Kitsbow?

Well, I DON'T wear my Kitsbow gear to bed or in the shower. Other than that, I always have at least one Kitsbow piece on.

I ride, hike, urban hike, travel, and work in this stuff. It's built to last and I'll do my best pushing that limit!

What brought you to work at Kitsbow?

Until flipping the next page of my career here at Kitsbow, I was a cabinetmaker for 16 years. Handmade Craftsmanship by Local People has always been my pursuit.

Kitsbow is just that AND it's in the bike industry!

In the interview process I met all the folks that make Kitsbow tick and realized they were great, like-minded people doing what I wanted to be deeply involved with. So, here I am! 


Hey Dustin, that Kitsbow looks good on you!