Hey, That Looks Good on You, Joe J.

by Beth Donovan

We think that the biggest benefit to wearing a favorite garment is getting a compliment for how it looks on you. 
That's why we obsess — and offer so many kinds of — fit.
In this series we highlight a different Kitsbow Team member, and show how they wear their favorite Kitsbow gear.
Today, meet Joe!

Hi Joe, tell us a little about yourself.

I got into mountain biking about 30 years ago — as a stress relief from a high stress job. Living in WNC and access to world class trails — yes! My passion inspired me to learn to work on and repair bikes. 
After competing in local mountain bike races in WNC, SC, and Ga — I evolved to ultra endurance self-supported mountain bike racing! I am addicted. 

I now work at the Old Fort Ride House as a 'Ranger' giving advice on local biking trails and as the in-house mechanic for 'Pro Bike Care at the Ride House'. 
What are your top 2 favorite kitsbow pieces? 
Hard, but depends on the season. My go to now is the Coleman Valley Bib Knickers and Rockstackers.
(I do like my merino socks and Chutes Longsleeve too.)

What do you like best about them? 
Ultra Racing requires you to be a minimalist. Quality gear is essential. The Bibs are all I choose to ride with for overall support and the Knickers actually give compression and relief to my knees. Rockstackers are warm and keep warm when they get wet. 
Where and when do you wear your Kitsbow gear?
I wear Kitsbow gear both on the trail and casually. It is a major part of my wardrobe. 

How did you become interested in Kitsbow?
I was a customer prior to working here. During my search for the 'Holy Grail' of bibs, and going through many, I discovered Coleman Valley Bib Shorts.  After Retirement — and going Crazy with racing all around the country — my wife 'suggested' I get a job to keep me close to home. When Kitsbow opened in Old Fort, well here I am!

Hey Joe, that Kitsbow looks good on you!