If I had to choose but one.

by Beth Donovan

Superflow Cooling Tee
by Ben Weaver

 It’s probably not a surprise to learn that I am not a material person. Rather than possessions I value experience. In my experiences I greatly appreciate things that are made well. Aesthetics for me come second to how long something lasts.

My two favorite places in the world, the places where I feel I can be 100% myself are in the dirt and in the water. This summer I spent a lot of time in both. In July I joined some friends of mine to ride and paddle a section of the Continental Divide throughout Montana and Idaho.

Due to the dominant cultures' deadened response and lack of impactful action over the past 40 years to address climate change we are now experiencing huge weather shifts. Thus in prepping for this trip the entire west was experiencing record high temps. I knew that in Montana there were going to be many days in the high 90’s and low 100’s, with increased heat from fires and smoke.

I am a minimalist when it comes to packing and planned to bring only one shirt for this trip. I needed something light, cool, quick drying, that wouldn’t fall apart the second I rubbed up against something rugged. After a bit of reflection, I decided to bring the Super Flow Cooling Tee.

Out of the box I will admit I was a little concerned because due to the fact that the fabric is literally so lightweight you can see through it, and considering my reputation for quickly ripping, breaking and blowing things out, my concern was not unfounded. But after being on my body for almost 30 days straight while on trail, and with only two washes, this shirt totally held up. No holes or other durability issues presented themselves, besides some fading from being in the constant sun. It dried fast and kept me cool while riding (literally beside fire) and when under my PFD while paddling.

In finishing the paddle/riding section of my trip, I went up to a remote section of North Western Montana called the Yaak Valley. Here I rode in to visit a section of old growth timber that is scheduled to be clear cut later this year. This forest has never burned in 800 years and as a result is incredibly diverse and unique. Not to mention dense! If I was ever going to rip a whole in a shirt it would have been while exploring this incredibly nuanced and majestic forest. Somehow the Superflow Cooling Tee managed to emerge after several visits to these trees without a single hole. Now the fight that remains is to protect this forest so that it too can escape without a hole. A clear cut that is….

For your 2022 Adventures: Superflow Cooling Tee


For more info about the Black Ram Project and how you can help protect the Yaak Valley please visit http://yaakvalley.org/stop-blackram/. We also invite you to watch Ben’s short film about the Black Ram Project here. There is continued work to raise awareness about the Black Ram Project and as momentum grows you can expect to see and hear more. Be sure to stay connected Ben’s newsletter at https://benweaver.net/.


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