Kitsbow Festivus – LET’S RUMBLE!

by Zander Nosler December 14, 2016



Happy Festivus, Georgie!

Getting ready for the holidays can be tough. So, why not channel our inner Costanza and make the most out of the holiday that brings us joyous occasions such as ‘Feats of Strength’ and ‘The Airing of Grievances’?

Won’t you rumble with us?

Feats of Strength - We’re giving away a pair of Kitsbow Gloves with any purchase over $250! Use code: FESTGLOVES





Airing of Grievances – Email Christine with your Kitsbow biking Grievance to get a discount on Kitsbow gear! Have that friend who’s always holding up your ride? Waiting too long at the trail head? Don’t know exactly where Ranger Bob is? Depending on how egregious your grievance is will depend on your discount! Tag a photo of yourself in Kitsbow at your filthiest with #Kitsbow to win an Icon!




Donate - Give a little, get a little. Get a 10% discount on your Kitsbow gear, and we will donate 10% of that sale to IMBA. Use code: IMBA10 to participate!




Pick your Pole - Yes, there are so many possibilities here, but it is the Festivus season so let’s keep this one limited to #KitsbowPole search if you dare .





*Limit: One code per purchase

**USE YOUR CODES WHILE YOU CAN! All Kitsbow codes will expire on 12/31!

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Zander Nosler
Zander Nosler


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