Lots of Daylight

by Kitsbow Sherpa

Content originally published 3/31/2020
Jeremiah shown wearing the Wind Vest and Geysers Jersey.  Photo Credit: Roman Cho


Jeremiah Kahmoson is deeply embedded in his Sonoma County community. This is no overstatement. Between educational work, non-profit service, and adventures with his family and friends, Jeremiah has little daylight left.

Then came COVID-19. Life stands still. And while the impact on both him and his family has been real, it is the isolation from his community that proves to be especially hard.

We asked Jeremiah to share his perspective.


What are you most passionate about?
It was once shared with me that we live in pursuit of our best possible future memories. This pursuit, willed by our passions, becomes real at the meeting point of aspiration and exertion. I believe we find real meaning when we acknowledge this fact and act accordingly. For me that’s movement in any form. 

How has the corona virus impacted you and your family? 
Isolation is something we've never experienced in this way. We love our community and being cut off from those around us has been incredibly stressful. When we need help, we have only ourselves to rely upon. But amidst these constraints, my small island of a household has turned toward one another with compassion. For this we are immeasurably stronger as a family. 

What would you like to encourage others to do in this time of social distancing?
This moment is an offer of introspection which we didn't expect, but we all can grow from. This is an opportunity to pause our routines, and look at what serves us and discard what doesn't. I encourage everyone to find a new vantage point, and when this passes, share with vigor the wisdom you've gained. 

What are you looking forward to?
Normality has become the exception. Learning to live between calamities affords us a chance to appreciate those precious moments when we can be fully present. I want for the collective “us” to remember to run, ride, flow, laugh, cry, and breathe within this experience. And when this moment settles, let's come back together to rebuild our norms with as many hugs and high-fives as possible. 

What is your favorite Kitsbow piece?
When I need to ride, I grab my Geysers Jersey and Wind Vest combo. Since our energy emanates from our core, having proper layers here is important. These pieces allow me to push limits against weather, incline, and headwinds; while keeping me warm and grounded for the coming miles ahead.


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