Make Dad Cool Again


When we were still riding with training wheels, dad seemed like he was the coolest guy in the universe. But as time cycled on, the pedestal upon which we placed ol’ pop became tarnished. After all, a dad is just a man — a man who transformed, during our teenage years, from the coolest guy ever to just about the uncoolest guy we’d ever encountered.

Where did dads go wrong? For many of us, we can pinpoint the moment when we condemned our fathers to nerd status. It’s a common story: dad stuffed himself into a loud Lycra kit and confidently pushed off like a hairy bratwurst encased in neon; he hit his favorite route, then – God forbid – a coffee or beer and maybe even the local store for milk. We were mortified.

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Experiences like these are what led us at Kitsbow to consider the possibility that clothing designed for cycling didn’t have to be dorky. Neither did it have to hop on the coattails of the moto or surf worlds – it could be it’s own thing. For the past four years we’ve proven that mountain bike gear can be both technologically advanced, impeccably tailored, and represent in a style unique and appropriate to the sport. We’ve heard that several of our customers’ kids often try to pilfer their parents’ Kitsbow goods. If that’s not a mark of approval from a teenager, we don’t know what is.

So for this Father’s Day, don’t let dad be a schlub. Get him something that makes him look as cool as you think he really is. And to all the dads out there, from all the sons, daughters, mothers, and your fellow fathers here at Kitsbow: Happy Father’s Day.

PS: Dads, don’t be afraid to take matters into your own hands. The benefits may surprise you.


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