Make It Last

by Jennah Dunham


Ambassador, Robin Walker had a bit of a dust-up in his favorite Icon Shirt. He's okay, but his trusty wool friend was, let's say, a bit torn up about the incident. The story doesn't end here:

I’m Robin Walker, a working dad in Washington, D.C. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest; often camping, climbing mountains, and volunteering in search and rescue teams. These days it’s mostly mountain biking, with some hiking, camping, rock climbing, and fly fishing thrown in.

I was riding at Mount Vernon Park. It was January, so the ground was frozen solid, but there was a nice layer of dust on top. I took a right hand berm a little too fast and lost traction and ended up on my right side. Aside from a few bruises and scratches I was fine (my head missed a rock by at least six inches), but my beloved Icon had several large tears on the front and back of the right sleeve. 

As bad as it looked, I knew it could be repaired. The blurb from the website “our crew rides hard...we will work to get you back and riding in Kitsbow” popped up in my head when I saw the rips. I like buying things that patina and actually look better a little broken in (like quality leather boots, or Oxford shirts. Funny how those things are also at their best when made in the USA). My Icon has a story now, even though you have to look closely to see the scars.

The Icon is really the perfect shoulder season garment. It’s warm and cozy while we are stuck inside, but looks good on a zoom call for all but the most formal workplaces. The wool doesn’t get stinky, and wool’s anti-microbial properties make me feel a little better when going out. But of course it’s best on a bike, so I plan to ride in it as often as weather and life allow. 

Let's face it, accidents happen. But it shouldn't end a relationship with your favorite shirt. That's why we start with garments that are worthy of repair in the first place.

The Icon Shirt is a great example of a Kitsbow garment designed for a long lifecycle of continuous use, repair, and reuse.