New Year. Made Here.

by David Billstrom

Yes, it's a new year once again. And we're not using terminology like "Unprecedented" and "Historic" or even "Unimaginable" to describe the close of 2021. We're ignoring all of that (for a moment) to look forward.

At Kitsbow, we've done something amazing to celebrate the New Year of 2022. We're celebrating the citizens of all kinds, skin colors, ages, sizes, backgrounds, genders, and sexual preference that live in our community, we're celebrating our awesome customers, and we're especially celebrating our Makers. Because they're amazing.

These are the hard-working artisans living here who create our products of stunning quality and durability. Some cut, some sort and organize, some finish and package, some run special machines, and most sew. They sew beautiful, durable clothes that for many customers will last for years. Right here.

So that our awesome customers get the size and color and style they want, because we make it for them when they order it. So that our planet is never fouled by clothes that didn't sell. So that our clothes don't transit an ocean, creating even more pollution. So that our customers can buy fewer clothes, because these clothes last so damn long. All because we make these clothes, to order, here in the U.S.

And starting on January 1, 2022 the only clothes you will find in the Kitsbow store will be clothes made here in the U.S. 

Only. Made. Here.

And not just for 2022, but for as long as we are able. We're not going to be celebrating our Makers only in this New Year, but for every year.

At the end of 2021 we sold all of our apparel that was made overseas by contract partners. And now it's gone. And we won't bring it back.

We will continue to import some of our fabric. We're working on limiting that, but without an apparel industry in the U.S. the ecosystem isn't strong enough to support manufacturers of high quality textiles, zippers, snaps, and other trims we need... yet. But we're working on that too, and making progress every day. 

And we'll continue to import merino socks from Italy, and gloves from the best glove maker in Vietnam. Those are skills beyond our abilities today (ever try to make a glove?).

But for clothes? We will only sell clothes made in the U.S.A. in this New Year.

Celebrate with us, and for us. For our Makers. And happy new year. Especially here.


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