by Lani Bruntz

With the size and proliferation of mountain bike events growing every year, it’s always a treat to visit the quaint, slow-paced logging town of Oakridge for Mountain Bike Oregon. With a vast trail system complemented by an extensive network of old logging roads, Oakridge is best enjoyed with the help of shuttles. MBO offers all the shuttles you’d want and way more. The low-key atmosphere provides just about everything you need to get an optimal experience in this micro mountain biking mecca – big rides, lots of campsites, an unlimited beer garden, an array of meal options, and mini bike races. Vendors and participants alike take advantage of the shuttles and ripping singletrack descents through old growth forests filled with ferns and moss. Since the camping, eating, demos, and shuttles are all centrally located, it’s easy to to meet a bunch of your fellow riders and share in some awesome singletrack together. This is easily one of the most riding-focused and laidback events out there. Without a doubt, we’ll be back to Mountain Bike Oregon. See you there.

The trails in Oakridge are best enjoyed with the help of shuttles – lucky for us, the logging industry left behind roads that are in excellent shape for shuttling riders to the tops of epic descents.

The classic view from Alpine, one of the most popular trails in Oakridge.

Rides always finished with dips (and showers) in the river.

The unlimited Beer Garden is one of the most popular attributes of this festival!

Food truck treats.

We had the great fortune of ending our days with incredible meals with our close Ibis family. Thanks to Philipe and Virginia – you guys are the best.

The Warfield Gin from Sun Valley, Idaho provided for tasty happy hours at the Kitsbow van. Gin and Tonics hit the spot after hot, dusty, amazing times on the trail.

Mini-bike races are a serious thing at MBO.

Rubbin' is racing when you're on 16" wheels. Lani shows 'em who's boss in the Women's RG Short.

Thanks to all of the Kitsbow friends and family who joined us this year in Oakridge. We're already looking forward to next year's party. See you at MBO 2018!