Out There – Rangers of the Great Divide

by Zander Nosler



Wyoming’s Red Desert contains an expansive and lonely area known as the Great Basin. Although the rolling and hills and spartan features make for relatively easy travel, the area has been long been a formidable obstacle due to it’s lack of water and fierce winds.  Kitsbow #obsessives and Rangers, Laura and Katie face the challenges, anxieties and . . . joys, of crossing the Great Basin during their bike trip along the Great Divide Mountain Bike Trail.

Katie and Laura have been good friends and neighbors in East Palo Alto, California and decided to submit an application together in the hopes of being selected as Blackburn Rangers in 2016.  They began the epic journey in August from Banff, Alberta and one pedal stroke at a time made their way to Antelope Wells, New Mexico over two months later.

Each year Blackburn recruits new brand ambassadors, nicknamed “Rangers”.  Designed with Blackburn’s founding principles in mind, the Ranger Program tells the story of iconic cycling routes, the people who ride them and the uncommon adventures they have along the way.

Check out their journals, stories and photos of their entire trip here.

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