Rangers. Blackburn Rangers.

by Zander Nosler September 20, 2016


Every year, Blackburn Designs sends a select group of ambassadors out into the wild to ride across the country performing what we think is an #obsessive and ultimate product test while satisfying the search for adventure.
These brave folks  known as Rangers go through a pretty detailed process to apply by submitting an application, video and launch a social media campaign to rally their friends behind their adventure-quest.
This year, Kitsbow was honored to help support these passionate people and add to the quality gear they are provided in their rides across the country.

We receive updates from the Rangers weekly and are always stoked to see their progress, their ups and downs, and of course to see how their gear is treating them. Here’s a little insight (and some fav photos) into what a few of the Blackburn Rangers are wearing to get them through to their final destination.

Courtney is smashing it on the Pacific Coast Bicycle Route. This route stretches from Vancouver, British Columbia, to the California/ Mexico border, and attracts cycling tourists from around the world. Courtney is currently on Week 5 and passing through California in her Women’s Short Sleeve A/M Jersey and her RG Short. While we love her gear, we are fully aware that her shades make the kit.


Quite possibly the coolest photos and biggest Kitsbow shout-outs come from Laura and her ride partner/neighbor Katie. These fine ladies are tackling The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, aka The Longest Off-pavement Route in the world. It’s 2,500 miles of continuous remote trails and dirt roads, stretching from a small town in Alberta, Canada, all the way to the border of Mexico. These ladies are crushing the trail and having a blast along the way. Laura credits her RG Shorts with ‘saving her caboose’ and both ladies have discovered the benefits of Merino wool in our Ride Tee and A/M Jersey #nostink! Seriously, we love these ladies and the #obsessive dedication they exemplify on the road.

In August, Christian finished his TransAmerica Trail crossing which stretches from Astoria, Oregon, to Yorktown, situated on the Chesapeake Bay. Christian’s photo at his final destination shows that sometimes the simplest of products are the ones that bring your heart home.


Cheers to all of the 2016 Blackburn Rangers. Here’s to seeing what’s on the horizon for these dedicated cyclists!

Think you know a future Ranger? Keep on the lookout for the 2017 announcement at Blackburn Designs.


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Zander Nosler
Zander Nosler


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