Ready to Play Hard

by Jennah Dunham

Coleman Valley Bibs
by Connor Koch 

One of the marks of a great pair of bibs? You forget you’re wearing them.

The upgraded Coleman Valley hits that mark and more, coming out of the packaging ready to keep you comfy and help you get into whatever 2-wheeled trouble you can scheme up.

I’ve worn these bibs through some of the toughest conditions imaginable, running them on a 5-day ride across California -- the long way. They wicked sweat in record-breaking temps, dried quickly after summer thunderstorms, and kept things clean and comfy on consecutive 150-mile days. To battle the constant sun exposure in my home range of the Sierra Nevada, the 50-UPF fabric is a major plus.

The Dark Forest color has already survived some rugged rides. On their maiden voyage, in the Colorado Rockies, I got launched by a sand pit, skidding across a 10-foot rock garden and coming to rest hip first against a tree. Somehow, despite me bleeding from knee to ribs, the bibs looked brand new. And on a recent reconnaissance of the Belgian Waffle Ride, an infamous mixed-surface beatdown in San Diego, they powered through 40 pretty hard miles of gravel, OHV routes, and hike-a-bike deer trails. Don’t let the sleek styling fool you -- the Coleman is ready to play hard.

For shorter rides, I tend to lean toward the short liner, but for anything where extended pedaling, suffering, and snacking will be involved, the Coleman is my go-to. Subtle colors mean roadies won’t have kit-matching stress dreams, and you’ll be the coolest gravelleur in the wilderness.

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