Recognized for Leadership in Manufacturing

by Katherine Ehrlichman

There’s a lot of chatter in industry about ‘leadership’ in manufacturing. At Kitsbow, we were delighted to learn that we apparently cut through that chatter, and recently earned the Manufacturing Leadership Award for 2022 for Economic Development / Developing Markets at the annual Manufacturing Conference, MFGCON.

This recognition is designed to highlight new ideas and new progress. In our case, in how we manufacture apparel in a new way, here in North Carolina.

Perhaps it wasn’t that hard to earn this award, considering that a paltry 2% of all apparel purchased in the U.S. is actually made in the U.S.. 

We hope that we won the award not just because we’re making it here, but because we’re using a people-centric methodology. An approach that celebrates the worker.

Our one-piece-flow method taps decades of experience of “lean manufacturing” from other industries, adapts it for apparel, and above all deeply respects the craft that our Makers each employ in making each garment for our customers.

Every garment comes to its new owner with a card initiated by every Maker who created that specific garment.

You can learn more about how we’re leading an industry, from the tiny, almost-forgotten town of Old Fort, NC by listening to this podcast from Singletracks, or this podcast from Cycling Tips

Or you can simply support our Makers and buy what they make in our online store!  

About 85% of your dollar doesn’t just stay in America, it goes in their pockets. We pay far more than the median wage here, and our employees own the company.

Invest in our people. Celebrate their leadership. Help us change the world.