Savor, Don’t Suffer




It’s no secret that dirt runs in our veins at Kitsbow. We began as an apparel company for mountain bikers, made by cyclists. We love the romance of the outdoors, the allure of perfectly cut singletrack, the solitude, the moments of zen on a challenging technical climb, the adrenaline high of letting it all hang out on a fall line descent. This is the origin of the species, the DNA from which Kitsbow was born.   


In the past few years we’ve been hearing buzzwords in the road cycling world like adventure, gravel, endurance, all road, and so on and so forth. This is a major departure from the performance-oriented, blood, sweat, and EPO – soaked marketing messages we’d been hearing for the past quarter century (at least!) of road biking. See, for a while it was unbelievably hard to find a production bike that wasn’t built for racing, with steep, twitchy angles and room for only the skinniest of tires. Now every major bicycle company is borrowing from the technological advances made in mountain biking – disc brakes, 1x drivetrains, even dropper posts – and applying them to this new breed of bikes, which are designed to emphasize comfort and encourage exploration, rather than just focus on aggressive, aerodynamic speed.


We wholeheartedly welcome these changes. It means that the industry as a whole is seeking inspiration from dirtbag randonneurs and taking cues from the laid-back, grassroots culture of mountain biking. We’re hearing less about VO2 max and more about finding a weird trail through the woods, enjoying an epic sunset, or literally stopping to smell the flowers. Luckily for us, it represents a massive shift in consciousness: let’s seek out diversity and moments of richness on our rides, rather than narrowly focusing on punishing ourselves into higher performance.




Here’s a phrase we’ve been using: savor, don’t suffer. It means that the journey is the goal, or to put it another way: fast is fun, but it’s okay to slow down and enjoy the trip.

So whether you’re a mountain biker on a drop bar bike, a roadie on a fat tired bike, or just a human being savoring the wonders of nature via the marvels of self-propulsion, we’re glad to be here with you. 


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