Savoring Daylight

by Zander Nosler November 04, 2016



Mary Bardell has her hands full. When she’s not the High Priestess of Product Management here at Kitsbow HQ, this hardworking mom is busy raising two girls. So where does she find the time to get out on her bike for a leg-burning, lung-busting, mind-clearing ride on her favorite trails? Early. Very, very early.

Mary is up and out before sunrise. While most of us are still sawing logs, she’s out pedaling in the woods on a Remedy. She begins with lights ablaze, fully layered to brave the morning frost. The forest comes alive as the sun begins its ascent. The world outside is fresh, untouched, and full of promise. By the time she makes it back home, she’s centered. Energized and happy, Mary puts her best face forward to meet the day.




How does she do it? Here are a few tips from Mary to start your own morning ride ritual:

  • It takes one month to make a habit.
  • Always lay out your entire outfit the night before.
  • Charge your lights, lube your chain, and pump your tires the night before.
  • Go with a friend if you want support.
  • Just get your butt out of bed! While more sleep is nice, missing a ride is NEVER worth an extra hour of sleep (and she loves her sleep).
  • Have a goal – ride 3 days a week, or whatever fits into your schedule.
  • Early to bed, early to shred.

With the holiday season fast approaching, it can be difficult to make trail time. But with the extra hour provided by daylight savings, a morning ride ritual is precisely what every #obsessive needs. Join the dawn patrol – we’ll see you out there!



Get the most out daylight and get your Fall on.


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Zander Nosler
Zander Nosler


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