Spring Roll on Fresh Trails

by Nicholas Haig-Arack April 06, 2017

Spring is a time of revitalization, when fresh greenery emerges from the fertile ground and all of Earth’s creatures head outside to play in the sunshine. For the mountain biker, spring is all about fresh trails and brown pow. For the mountain bike trailbuilder, it’s the time to put the finishing touches on winter’s hard work so everyone can enjoy the fruits of their labor. We asked a few of our favorite trailbuilders to let us know what fresh trails they’re excited about.

Tyson Swasey, Trails Specialist, IMBA Trails Solutions:

Being on Interstate 15, within the “Zion Triangle” (Thunder Mountain, Virgin River Rim, Gooseberry) of mountain biking, Cedar City, UT, is the perfect place for an easy stop and ride.


So far Cedar City has done nothing to tell the world they are building sweet trails, but it’s a fresh new place for riding. All the trails are on the east side of town so no driving to get to them. It’s becoming an amazing MTB community.


Whether made by hand or machine, we love trails.

Kanab, UT has the west’s only Velo Solutions asphalt pumptrack and it’s amazing. I literally rode till I puked, no joke! It was like I was 10 again and had no control. Totally worth a trip.


Patrick Kell, Southwest and Alaska Regional Director, IMBA:

Here in Prescott, AZ, the Ranch Trail of Senator Highway is getting significantly extended this spring. Firewater and Honeybucket are new too; shortish, but a lot of fun, with some rocks and plenty of good flow.


Firewater in progress.

Tony Boone, Tony Boone Trails:

The Lil Scraggy Loop in Buffalo Creek provides a smorgasbord of aesthetic and kinesthetic treats, from sweet handbuilt trail on the east side by COMBA volunteers to tasty machine-sculpted flow on the west side. All built for your pleasure by the crews of Tony Boone Trails and Groundwork Denver.


Lil Scraggy photo by Marcel Slootheer

Sounds like we’ll have to add a few stops to our roadtrip ride itinerary this spring and summer. Thanks to Tyson, Patrick, and Tony for their hard work and dedication to trailbuilding.

If you have a sweet new (or revitalized) trail system in your neck of the woods, please hit us up on FB or IG! Now get out there and enjoy those fresh trails.

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Nicholas Haig-Arack
Nicholas Haig-Arack


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