Springtime Ramblin'

by Lani Bruntz May 25, 2017

As the season gradually picks up momentum and works its way into full swing, life on the road is once again our reality. With the annual Sea Otter event attracting industry folks from all over the country and globe, it’s a great way to get some face time with friends, partners, and other industry road warriors.  We decided to make the most of our time in California and do a three-day coastal ride from Santa Rosa down to Monterey for Sea Otter. Despite some wet weather, it was an inspirational trip to see new country and connect with new people along the journey. Thanks to everyone who joined us for a segment of our trip!

After Sea Otter, we were excited to spend some time exploring new trails around Santa Cruz and the Bay area. We were fortunate to connect with some friends from the area and enjoyed spectacular riding and primo dirt. It was also exciting to hear about so much new trail development taking place all over central California. We’re excited to return.

I also had a chance to checkout a unique event called the Dirty Sanchez Enduro, an exciting event that takes place on a private trail system outside of Grass Valley, CA. Check out my recap for WTB here.


After some time connecting with friends and checking out new trails, it was time for the Ibis Migration, a gathering of Ibis connoisseurs and an all-around great way to meet new people and ride new trails up in Mendocino. If you’ve never been to Mendocino, do yourself a favor and add it to your bucket list. The lush redwoods densely line the primitive trails to create a distinctive riding experience.  The trails seem to be mapped better than ever before, making it easier to navigate this magical place.


Once we explored many miles of trail, enjoyed many tasty beverages, and had lots of great conversations, it was time to point the van eastward and make our way to the Outside Bike and Brew Fest in Santa Fe, NM.


After a solid 25 hours in the van, a quick ride on the Ribbon Trail in Grand Junction, Colorado and countless ounces of Verve Coffee, we made it to Santa Fe. The Santa Fe Bike and Brew Festival offered an opportunity to scope out the scene in New Mexico, one we were happy to capitalize on.  After a bit of wind and snow the first day of the festival, the sun emerged and made for an enjoyable weekend enjoying craft beer and delicious New Mexican food. The Dale Ball trails system provided ample singletrack access right from downtown Santa Fe.

Next stop on our event calendar is the Eagle Outside Festival in Eagle, CO. We hope to see you there.


Words: Jordan Carr

Images: JP Gendron, Bill Freeman and Abner Knight

Lani Bruntz
Lani Bruntz


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