Swift X Kitsbow Collection is Here

by Beth Donovan

Anchor Hip Pack, Custom Icon Shirt

Cut from the same cloth and mutual admiration of cycling and outdoor adventure, Kitsbow and Swift Industries are excited to announce the launch of the Swift Anchor Pack and specialty Icon Shirt, both born from the collaboration blend of Swift’s adventure-true aesthetic and Kitsbow’s tech-forward design.


The Swift Anchor Pack is the brainchild of Kitsbow and Swift’s highly driven-design teams challenged with improving upon an already classic outdoor design — the hip pack. Offering a minimalistic alternative to backpacks, the hip pack’s overall shape was streamlined for comfort and 2.5 liters of capacity.

Designed to accommodate those extra fall layers without adding bulk, the pack’s key feature is an expandable sleeve that easily secures and protects shed clothing layers. This expanding sleeve feature, which is brought to life with a special Pendleton® wool lining, simply tucks away and disappears when not deployed. Attachment points were also added for an optional Sidekick Stem Pouch accessory bag to carry an extra water bottle, snacks, or a bike tool.

“There were design elements born of the Kitsbow perspective that we would never have considered,” says Swift’s co-founder and Head Honcho, Martina Brimmer. “The Anchor Pack is a wholly new concept and the result of two creative forces coming together to conceive of the coolest possible ideas for functional gear. This is exactly why we do collaborations!”


The Collection is completed with a matching Kitsbow Icon Shirt, featuring Pendleton® wool, as a homage to the rugged PNW mountains that Swift and Pendleton both call home.

For this project, the Icon was given a very special fabric to commemorate the Swift x Kitsbow collaborative process and is the first women’s-fit Icon offered in the thick, rugged Pendleton plaid wool previously offered only in the men’s Signature version. It’s an important nod to Kitsbow’s female-identified customers who want to rock that trademark Pendleton fade.

“We are two brands that are deeply committed to manufacturing in the U.S., and even more importantly share a foundation of outdoor adventure as a means for investing in the growth of inclusive communities such as Old Fort, NC,” said David Billstrom, Kitsbow CEO. “This limited-edition collaboration embodies the best in our collective inspiration and abilities.”

Together, the Swift Anchor Pack and the Kitsbow Icon Shirt provide the comfort, functionality, and durability discerning adventurers rely on to propel unparalleled adventures, and to sweeten the in-between moments with style.