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Posts tagged: epic rides

Community, Cloud Forests, and Coffee: Jeff Kendall-Weed Mountain Biking Costa Rica

Mountain biking is an incredible sport, but what really makes it special are the communities that form when riders and trails support one another. Costa Rica is a glowing example of this.

36 Hours in Kitsbow: Petaluma to Marin

At Kitsbow we strive to fit it all in: work, family, and fun. But when it feels like adventure is something others do, it's time to hit pause. Then eject. Because adventure is just outside our door, maybe even a short train ride away. The key is to go.

The Grand, Singletrack Junction

It’s almost 3000 miles from San Francisco to Washington DC. For a journey of this length, most travelers would be keeping an eye out for a decent motel, a quiet place to put their feet up, or a good beer. While all great things, we built this trip around ride...

Mountain Bikers The Bucket List

“If you are a mountain biker, this is your bucket list.” A bold, and appropriately succinct statement for sure, but not one without warrant. This is how the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) sums up their “Epic” designated rides. All over North America, these are the rides that epitomize the...