Raising Pines, Raising Dust

May 16, 2013

You’ve got to hand it to Bike Monkey. They’ve mastered the delicate art of cycling event promotion — ie: bringing in large numbers of eager participants for challenging, “must-ride” events in some of the very best natural venues that Northern California has to offer. SoNoMas, Annadel XC, and Levi Leipheimer’s epically beautiful King Ridge Gran Fondo all immediately come to mind — the latter of which is capped at an incredible 7500 riders. However, this is all managed while maintaining an admittedly “grassroots” profile, personable approachability, and a refreshingly irreverent sense of humor — despite the competitive seriousness of their [...]
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Sonoma County Pain Thresholds

January 25, 2013

The very first Grasshopper of 2013 (in a series of six total rides) was held last weekend on the rolling Redwoods fire trails and dilapidated farm roads around the northern California town of Occidental. Fun fact: the roads and trails around Occidental also happen to be home for one of our founders, and thus the town was the original namesake for our company in its infancy back in 2011. And with the majority of the "Old Caz" course slated to be on dirt parcours unfamiliar to most, the event seemed a perfect fit for those with ride proclivities to dirt, such as ourselves. Needless to say, Grasshopper #1 was an event not to be missed by Kitsbow.

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