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Posts tagged: life on the road

36 Hours In Kitsbow: Not Quite out of the Woods

 “I hope this film inspires other parents to provide their kids with experiences of adventure through bikepacking, and cycling in general. And for parents of kids undergoing medical treatment, I hope Eleanor’s smile and positive attitude encourages hope and strength, proving that happiness is found in pushing limits and seeking...

Adventure...On us.

We want to see what your 36-hour mountain, gravel, or even road adventure looks like, and we want to foot the bill.

Community, Cloud Forests, and Coffee: Jeff Kendall-Weed Mountain Biking Costa Rica

Mountain biking is an incredible sport, but what really makes it special are the communities that form when riders and trails support one another. Costa Rica is a glowing example of this.

The Road's End: 2013 in Review

We drove nearly 30,000 miles in 2013, visited trails in 13 states across the country, and met some of the most amazing people at every trailhead. Of the countless photographs we snapped and shared along the way, we decided to pull 50 of our very favorites to share with you...

This Van is an Island

Drive around in a Sprinter. Ride bikes. Take pictures. Poke the keys on a laptop. Sleep, when possible. Burritos, three meals a day. Life on the road is the life of the Kitsbow “van man,” as I’m affectionately referred to when in the office. Since you’ve maybe already met our...

A Preamble to Life on the Road

Kitsbow is in the enviable position of planning a trip spanning five consecutive months of summer vacation aboard a full-sized, self-sustaining Mercedes Benz Sprinter van stocked with all our bikes and photography gear. But even as intoxicating as the thought of sending this adventure-mobile off into the wild expanse of...