Before the Bag: the Kitsbow Mixed Shell

January 08, 2013

Our new Mixed Shell Jacket was born out of necessity: it's an essential piece of gear that you'd be remiss for riding without, especially in these "off-season" periods. From the first stitch to the final packaging, construction of the Kitsbow Mixed Shell Jacket is spread across over 30 different steps and nearly two hours on the production floor at Tamoda.

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Going to Eleven

November 30, 2012

As you may have noticed, our SASTAN Jersey and Soft Shell A/M Shorts are a bit more than your average trail kit. Perhaps your reaction to the pricing even compelled you to wax poetic about it on your favorite social media channel, and that's fine, we don't blame you. Can't say we didn't see it coming. Still, if we could impart the one thing that we feel most strongly about, it's that Kitsbow is not merely expensive for the sake of being expensive. We love mountain biking, and could certainly express that love by offering another price-conscious jersey or short made overseas from standard-issue materials and processes. However, we believe this to be an avenue with few stones left unturned.

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