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Kitsbow Blog

Posts tagged: the story of mountain biking

36 Hours In Kitsbow: Not Quite out of the Woods

 “I hope this film inspires other parents to provide their kids with experiences of adventure through bikepacking, and cycling in general. And for parents of kids undergoing medical treatment, I hope Eleanor’s smile and positive attitude encourages hope and strength, proving that happiness is found in pushing limits and seeking...

Community, Cloud Forests, and Coffee: Jeff Kendall-Weed Mountain Biking Costa Rica

Mountain biking is an incredible sport, but what really makes it special are the communities that form when riders and trails support one another. Costa Rica is a glowing example of this.

How the West Was Won

Not far from the glistening neon halo that cushions a certain reputation of the state of Nevada, lies a burgeoning mountain biking scene that stands to dramatically alter the perceptions of those who come for the riding, instead of the revelry. The story of mountain biking as it unfolds in...

Once Upon a Time in the California Frontier (Keyesville Classic)

Unlike the vast majority of sporting lore, the story of mountain biking is relatively young. One could even say that the torch has yet to be completely passed from its pioneers to a new generation. Even at this young age, there are very few mountain biking events in the United...

The House That Dirt Built

The Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance has taken it upon themselves to make Washington state one of the best places in the country to ride a mountain bike. And if last weekend's Kitsbow-sponsored Swamp Tromp event was any indication, Evergreen is going above and beyond the call by rallying its highly...