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Posts tagged: why MTB

Community, Cloud Forests, and Coffee: Jeff Kendall-Weed Mountain Biking Costa Rica

Mountain biking is an incredible sport, but what really makes it special are the communities that form when riders and trails support one another. Costa Rica is a glowing example of this.

#whyMTB Chapter 3: The Coach

Ask anyone who rides and they’ll agree that cycling is an identity sport. From finding career satisfaction to fighting inner demons, we attest that choosing to ride and incorporating our bikes into daily life ultimately defines who we are. Learning from others who do the same is the driving inspiration...

#whyMTB Chapter 2: The Ranger (Mountain biking video)

Mountain biking is a sport dependent on access. And that level of access is ultimately dependent on advocates for securing permission and the land managers who grant it. In our first chapter of #whyMTB, Ibis Cycles legend Scot Nicol articulated the distinct sense of joy and identity that cycling brings...

#whyMTB Chapter 1: The Pioneer

Why do we ride? What does it mean to mountain bike? Simple questions really, but ones with a multitude of a subjective answers — easily as many as there are mountain bikers. The more we thought about this ourselves, casual discussions would turn into a late night in the office...