The Kindred Spirits of Breadwinner Cycles


Bicycles, like most well-crafted things, should strike a perfect balance between passion and precision.

Meet Tony Pereira and Ira Ryan, the Kitsbow #obsessives behind Breadwinner Cycles.

Tony and Ira are two of Portland’s most prolific frame builders, each with his own rather distinct style and personality. With a gap-toothed big grin and rugged build, Tony is the IPA drinking, blue-collar machinist mountain biker. Ira, an accomplished endurance racer and roadie, is sleek and well spoken, with a thoughtful gaze. Both builders have shops which match their personalities. Tony’s machine shop is alive with the sound of cold war-era industrial routers, grinders and lathes that hum, buzz, and spin. Ira’s glorified garage down the road is the marketing department, customer service center, and assembly room. Polished, clean, and well lit, the space is filled with beautifully painted frames and fully assembled dream machines.

This is a story about obsessively dedicated, highly skilled builders who live to ride. It’s a story about the determination and perseverance required to carve out their spot among hand-built bike makers, to stand out in the crowd; a story about two men who are are passionate creators. Kitsbow is proud to present a video about the #obsessives behind Breadwinner Cycles.